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#262178 I Went To An Ipod Wedding (as A Guest)

Posted by disco4hire on 28 July 2018 - 10:42 AM


An interesting read.

I can't see this catching on, as most peole don't want the hassel factor.


Oh I don't know, It's 8 years since my last post and I'm still going strong, so I must have 'backed the right horse' and be doing something right :-) Technology's moved on a bit over the last 8 years, iPods and CD's are out, Apple tablets are in, signals being fed into the PA via Bluetooth, frequently directly to the speakers, controlled with an app on a smart phone.
Nice to see the forum's still on line, it's a shame no one posts on it anymore.

#262169 How The Mighty Have Fallen

Posted by OK KARAOKE on 28 August 2017 - 11:20 AM

My first log in for over a decade. Quite surprised I'm still registered. I stopped DJ-ing through health problems, mine and my wife's. After that I decided that as a musician of many years I preferred making my own music live rather than playing someone else's off disc / other media. I enjoyed my spell as a mobile DJ (apart from the back-ache) and came to respect the skills required of a good DJ, which was a change of heart for me as I used to say that "anyone can put a record on". Haha - lessons were learned very quickly. I am now enjoying a new lease of life as a singer/songwriter and on-demand lead guitarist. I produced a CD a year ago and have a semi-regular slot on BBC local radio. Old habits die hard . . . . . I've done a few gigs where I've been hosting the night and couldn't resist making up a few mixes at home to bring along, and they seem to go down well. Being a septegenarian I don't knock myself out nowadays but still want to keep my hand in. Anyway . . . . I only logged in today out of curiosity as I found an old T-bar stand in the shed and couldn't for the life of me set it up. I now believe there is a part missing. But that got me thinking and here I am. Dunno when I'll be back. Keep well. Ian

#262085 Kam Par 56 V2 & Adj Vertigo Hex For Mobile Work?

Posted by McCardle on 30 August 2014 - 09:51 PM

Personally i'm not a big fan of mixing conventional halogen and LED lighting effects on the same rig. Yes, LED technology has come a long way since i've been around this forum, but unless you buy some of the more expensive LED lights with 10w + 'branded' modules inside, I still think that there is a noticable difference in brightness between LED based effects and high wattage Halogen lamps when used side by side, no matter how the manufacturers smooth over the fact.

If in any doubt a quick check with a lumen meter, speaks volumes and yes I have been there and done that :hide:

LED's based effects are fine, for small - medium sized dancefloors in rooms with white walls, ceilings etc and also for uplighting, but my advice is to either go ALL led or ALL halogen rather than mixing the two technologies, side by side at the same time, as a decent Halogen based effect will often drown out, or at least upstage most budget LED effects.


I use LED for uplighting and also for small lighting rigs in pubs and some small venues, but I personally, am not ready to resign my NJD / Abstract / Martin halogen and discharge based effects just yet in favour of LED, purely as they are still far the brightest effects for large halls and those with dark floors and paneled walls which are notoriously dark by design.


I'm a bit confused by your use of the phrase "wash lighting", are you wanting to flood the dancefloor with stage / live music style colour changing floolights or are you talking about lighting effects?

#262007 Best Active Speakers Under A Grand

Posted by le freak on 25 March 2014 - 10:59 AM

Ended up buying db 915 actives , Turns out the 715s are only 400rms which is well hidden in all descriptions I have read . Crafty these speaker mobs