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Help Topic: Flame Wars, personal disputes and troublesome posts

A Flame war is a heated debate which has turned abusive or personal, often between two members of a small group of individuals. Flame Wars may also stem from personal disagreements.

Most members use this forum as a social / business networking tool, and a place to seek and share advice with like minded individuals. It is also a useful resource for anybody wishing to start out in business, and of course a place to swap and pass on bookings, which can only be of benefit to everybody who chooses to use it.

Having and voicing an opinion is fine, provided it doesn't turn into a crusade or become personal namecalling or otherwise abusive to those who may hold and voice a differing opinion to your own.

Personal issues or clashes between members are of no interest or value to the community, appear unprofessional to visitors and just waste time and resources. Nobody every won an argument on the internet!.

Such threads will be locked or deleted, as they appear, and we will treat all participants fairly and equally, by warning / suspending or restricting the forum access all those who were voluntarily involved in fanning the flames.

As this type of debate may not be considerd as professional by the general public (i.e our CLIENTS) It is in all of our interests to prevent this type of thread appearing, and any member can report an abusive post or thread simply by pressing the "Report This Post" tag which appears on every post.

Where continued problems occur, the moderators will issue warnings to all of those involved on the following basis.

Minor Issues:- Moderators will contact you to detail the problem and any edits which have been made. No Warn Level adjustment.

For more serious issues, or ongoing problems with your conduct will result in your warn level being raised by 33%. This will mean that your posts will be subject to moderator approval and you will lose access to some areas of the forum for 30 days.

Where a further warning is accrued, your warn level will be adjusted to 66%. Your account will be subject to an immediate 5 day suspension, followed by a further 60 days in moderated status which will be added concurrently to any existing allocation.

Where an additional warn level takes your account to a warning total of 3 within any rolling 12 month period, this will result in your membership being permanently removed.