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Help Topic: Where has my post gone?

Posts may be removed or may not appear for the following reasons.

(i) You are still a relatively new member and have not yet reached the number of posts required for release from the moderation queue. (See seperate FAQ). If this is the case, your post will appear as soon as a moderator comes online and approves the post.

(ii) Your post contained material deemed unacceptable to a mixed aged professional community and was held / deleted by the moderators. Content which is against our code of conduct and may be deleted without warning includes:-

(1) Linking, advertising or promotion of other forums which are in direct confliction with the subject and topic of this one.

(2) Racist, sexist or pornographic material likely to cause offence or which is against our hosting terms.

(3) A topic which is likely to spark a flamed response or have proven to have created problems in the past, popular examples include extreme views on religion or politics.

(4) Any post considered to be spamming in nature. Excessive commercial advertising is not permitted on the main forum, and is restricted only to certain areas. Before touting for work, or offering items for private sale, we expect that a member contributes at least 15 on topic posts.

(5) Your post was considered abusive, confrontational or otherwise threatening towards another member or staff. We have zero tolerance on troublemakers and this type of post will usually mean warn level adjustment and an indefinite period back in the moderation queue.

(6) Your post queried publically, an issue which should be better addressed privately to the moderators by PM or Email. Examples are "Why has my post been deleted" or "Why has my signature been edited".

(7) You replied to your own topic or made consecutive posts. This is considered topic spamming and is discouraged. On occasion a moderator will merge the posts for you, however if it happens on a regular basis then the post may simply be deleted. Instead of making an additional post directly beneath your last one, use the edit tag on the existing post to simply add the additional content, then resubmit the post.

(8) Your post does not comply with other areas of The Code of Conduct

If you still feel that your post was not in confliction to the code of conduct or contained any prohibited links or material, then you should contact a moderator privately requesting further information. Please remember that the moderator you contact may not be the one who edited your post, and so you should allow time for a response.