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Help Topic: The Moderating Team

The Moderators are often veteren, valued members of the community who volunteer their time to welcoming new members, and assisting with the running of a community, and make everyday decisions in a similar way to the committee of a club or organisation.

The moderation team are here to enforce the rules, and to look after the integrity of the forum on behalf of the administrator and owner.

Like any private members association, we are a privately owned community and we have a code of conduct, which by registering, you have already chosen to abide by. In order to continue to use our facilities. The moderators are here to ensure that this criteria is followed, and that the forum remains a safe and friendly community for all ages.

The moderators act on the basis that no one member is above the interests of the community, and everybody is treated fairly under the same rules, regardless of age, experience, society position, post count or affiliation.

The moderators have gained a position of trust, and have been members of the community for a long period of time, therefore it is unlikely that a moderator would abuse his / her position for self betterment or to make a point. Editing of posts or links or thread deletions are nearly always done because a clear breach of the rules has occured. The onus is placed on every member to read the code of conduct and to keep themselves informed of our policies.

Moderators are also here to help, and a post may also be edited in order to repair a broken link, or complete an unfinished or incorrect BB or HTML tag in a signature or link, or to move a thread or post to a more relevant area of the forum.

If your post has been edited or deleted, then you should await an explanation from the moderator who performed the action. In some cases, where time contraints are a factor, they may choose to ask another moderator to contact you on their behalf, or to contact you personally when time allows.

If a period of time has elapsed without any contact being made, and the reason for the edit is not apparant, then in the first instance you should contact the moderator who made the edit by email or PM, (Their name will be shown at the bottom of the post as "edited by.....") and seek an explanation. Again you should allow a reasonable amount of time for a reply - moderators are busy working DJ's too!.

In the event of a post being deleted, then you should contact any member of the moderating team, ideally one who is shown as being online at the time. Remember that the moderator who you contact may not be aware of the edit and may have to make further enquiries on your behalf.

If you are not satisfied with the reply, then you can email or PM another moderator or a co-admin who is independant of the situation, and he / she will mediate.

Under no circumstances should you take any matter regarding the moderators actions to public debate in an attempt to gain sympathy / support or to appeal against the rules. Threads such as "Why has my post been deleted" are not acceptable - we have a fully working PM and email system!.

The rules reflect the way in which the owner chooses to run this private community, and these are on display to you at all times and are a requirement of your continued membership. The rules are not not open for debate nor will they be changed or adjusted on an individual level.

Where breaches of the rules have occured, the moderators will deal with warnings on the following basis.

Warnings are issued on the following basis.

Minor Issues:- Moderators will contact you to detail the problem and any edits which have been made. No Warn Level adjustment are given on this basis.

For more serious issues, or ongoing problems with your conduct will result in your warn level being raised by 33%. This will mean that your posts will be subject to moderator approval and you will lose access to some areas of the forum for 30 days.

Where a further warning is accrued, your warn level will be adjusted to 66%. Your account will be subject to an immediate 5 day suspension, followed by a further 60 days in moderated status which will be added concurrently to any existing allocation.

Where an additional warn level takes your account to a warning total of 3 within any rolling 12 month period, this will result in your membership being permanently removed.