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Help Topic: The Warn Level

Everybody has a warn level, which is shown on the profile panel on the bottom left hand side of each of your posts as a bargraph and a % display. You cannot view other peoples warn levels, and they cannot view yours, however all warn levels are visible to the Adminstrator and Moderating Team, along with notes which describe why the warn level was adjusted.

When you join the forum, your warn level will display 0% by default. Most members manage to avoid any warn level adjustment by simply following a set of common sense rules and internet etiquette.

However, if you choose to post material which conflicts with the code of conduct, Spam the forum with advertising, or become abusive towards another member or staff, then the moderators may issue one or more warnings which will include restricting your forum access & / or posting facilities.

Warnings are issued on the following basis.

Minor Issues:- Moderators will contact you to detail the problem and any edits which have been made. No Warn Level adjustment are given on this basis.

For more serious issues, or ongoing problems with your conduct will result in your warn level being raised by 33%. This will mean that your posts will be subject to moderator approval and you will lose access to some areas of the forum for 30 days.

Where a further warning is accrued, your warn level will be adjusted to 66%. Your account will be subject to an immediate 5 day suspension, followed by a further 60 days in moderated status which will be added concurrently to any existing allocation.

Where an additional warn level takes your account to a warning total of 3 within any rolling 12 month period, this will result in your membership being permanently removed.