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Help Topic: Why has my signature or link been edited?

In accordance with our code of conduct unacceptable links may be removed / edited by the moderators where any breach has occured.

If your link has been edited, first consider whether the site / material which it linked too fell under the following criteria.

• PC Application downloads (unless it’s freeware or shareware).

• Warez, Serials or illegal MP3's Links

• MLM Sites.

• Forums of a similar nature and subject to this one.

• Pornography & Racist Material

• Distasteful links/images.

• Gambling or Affiliate links

These definitions are broad and encompass a wide criteria. Therefore a moderator may feel compelled to edit a site which discusses how to break DRM code or reverse engineer software under the definition of 'Warez, crackz and illegal MP3's' - often where there is a grey area of doubt the moderators will temporary remove the link pending a second opinion.