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Help Topic: The Code of Conduct

Membership is Free and open to all ages, We also respect your privacy at all times and do not disclose or sell your registered information or email address to any third party or their mailing lists.

Why we have a code of conduct

This is a privately owned, independant social networking community, with members of all ages. Just as you are free to make and enforce your own rules for visitors to your own private household, we excercise the same right to maintain our own code of conduct here. This exists to maintain a professional public image and for the safety and integrity of those using and visiting the forum, so please respect and abide by these rules whenever you choose to visit.

Membership of this community is not an automatic right of any individual and activities conducted on the Internet are subject to many of the same laws and regulations applicable to the offline environment. Members must exercise a high degree of judgment and responsibility with respect to their use of our facilities, including demonstrating the responsibility to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy.

Linking & Advertising (signature links or post links)

Please Note that we DO NOT allow linking to (or advertising) the following sites in any circumstances:-

• PC Application downloads (unless it’s freeware or shareware).
• Warez, Serials or illegal MP3's Links
• MLM Sites.
• Forums of a similar nature and subject to this one.
• Pornography, Racist or otherwise offensive Material
• Distasteful links/images.
• Gambling or Affiliate links

Code Of Conduct:- (All members)

We reserve the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of current DJs United Policies.

1) You agree not to use this service to post any material which is inflammatory, knowingly false and/or defamatory, libellous, inaccurate, abusive, racial, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violate any law in your own country or the United Kingdom.

2) Please respect the rights of others to express and defend their own opinions, which may differ from your own.

3) Any member found to be using this forum for spam, unsolicited business email or information harvesting will be immediately reported to their Internet Service, Email and webspace service providers. Such actions result in an immediate ban and we always report any form of spamming activity, harrassment or other abuse however minor, and without any prior warning under European and International Law. You may not use the private messaging system to solicit members to come to a website or offer any products or services or for any other reason unless the member has publically requested the information. If you receive any private messages or come across any post on the forum that you suspect may be spam please report the matter to a moderator or abuse controller.

4) Membership to the forum is restricted to one alias / user name per user. If two or more users are going to use the same computer eg: A member, and their spouse, or two members of staff in a DJ retailers premises, then communication must be sent to a forum Moderator, advising of such intended usage.

5) You also agree not to post / advertise / offer any copyrighted material without permission unless the copyright is owned by you.

6) Before posting information from this forum, elsewhere, you must obtain express permission from the original Author and a forum moderator.

7) The language used throughout this forum is English. Do not post messages in block capitals, as in web etiquette this considered as shouting and can be off-putting to other forum users.

8) Do not substitute letters within vulgar/obscene/forbidden words with punctuation marks or other symbols as some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) , parental software controls and School or Company networks still recognise many of the disguised words and may restrict use / access of the forum to their subscribers.

9) The administrator and moderation team of DJ's United reserve the right to remove and/or edit any posts by any user for whatever reason considered necessary. Anybody found to be causing harrassment, threatening or intentionally flaming any member, moderator or the administrator, will be removed from the forum immediately, and serious threats may be recorded and reported to the relevant authorities. Any threads or posts that are considered unsuitable will be removed or locked.

10) DJ's United is a professional community for all ages so please remember to keep posts free from any explicit content so minors and those behind commercial or educational networks with content filters may openly view and access this site.

11) Please be considerate and listen to the advice of members of the Administration team and Moderators. They are a committee of volunteers who are here to help you on this site and to keep the community running smoothly and who represent the interests of the Administrator and the integrity of the forum. If you have any concerns regarding a moderator edit or action, then please contact the moderator by PM or Email. Public threads / discussion regarding moderator actions or intervention, such as "Why has my post been deleted / edited" are not permitted.

12a) DJ's United allows members to link to their own Websites in their profiles and signatures , (where those websites comply with the contents of this Code of Conduct), and to have their websites reviewed in the relevant section. If you do link to your website, then it is considered internet etiquette to provide a return link back to us and banner and text links are available for this purpose.

(12b) Entire posts or threads wholly dedicated to advertising the authors' own retail sales, webhosting, web design and other commercial or self promotion activities are not permitted and will be considered and treated as spam. If you wish to promote a business activity then you will need to declare yourself as a retailer and abide by our 'fair use' advertising policy detailed below.

13) Please remember that posts and comments on this forum can be viewed by anybody and cached for long periods by search engines, in addition our content is carried to a wide number of private websites and blogs using RSS feeds. For privacy reasons we recommend that personal contact information is kept to a minimum. Posting the personal details of any other third party is not acceptable without their permission.

14) 2nd Hand Equipment sales are permitted on the forum, provided that these are private sales items only and this is clearly stated. You must have a minimum of 15 posts before advertising any item for sale. This is to avoid the problem with individuals signing up purely to advertise items for sale.

15) The offering, advertising, uploading or selling of illegal material (including MP3 or pirated material) or requesting the ways of obtaining such material is prohibited.

16) The DJs United Community administration team will not allow the forum to be used as a public arena for personal dispute, All threads or posts that are considered unsuitable or containing personal insults will be removed or locked and warnings issued to ALL of the parties involved.

17) The moderation team of DJ's United Community Forums reserve the right to suspend or withdraw the membership of any person whose presence and/or post content is deemed to be detrimental to the good of the community or who has demonstrated a conflict of interests.

18) Members may not "trash" or "troll" in another user's thread nor ridicule another users ability to spell. There may be medical or personal reasons as to why an individual makes these errors.

19) Please do not publically start threads questioning the business integrity of another colleague or member. Doing so is unprofessional and may appear to the casual observer to be "sour grapes" on your part. If you have any genuine, provable grounds to question another members business ethics or integrity or if you are a client involved in a dispute with one of our members or have grounds to complain against a retailer, then please privately contact a forum moderator with the details of your complaint and we will try to assist.

20) Members are encouraged to pass on, and advertise any bookings which they are unable to cover to their member colleagues on a goodwill basis. Where the work is being passed on for Reward (ie commission or fee basis) then this should be clearly pointed out on the actual post. Dj's United takes no responsibility for any dispute arising from work passed on between members, or complaints between members and their clients and these should first be addressed amicably and privately between the parties. Where no resolution has been possible then section 19 above shall apply.