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Help Topic: Retailers and Commercial Activities

Retailers are required to identify themselves as such in their profile at the time of registering. This enables members to easily identify sales posts from private individuals and commercial retailers were consumer laws and distance selling regulations will apply

R1) Retailers/Related Organisations are allowed to join DJs United and may use their business name as their DJU login name if so required eg: “MyDiscoShop”, but should not use their website address as their login name eg: Not “www.mydiscoshop.co.uk”.

R2) Retailers/Related Organisations may reply to members requests and Private Messages for quotes on equipment at any time, using the SAME method of contact as the member – eg: If a member sends a PM to a Retailer asking for a quote on a product, the retailers reply should be by PM, not a post on the forum as other members may regard such postings as spam.

R3) Retailers/related Organisations may start and reply to non-business/selling related posts at any time, providing their reply does not incorporate unsolicited suggestions of un-related products/services, which the retailer/related organisation has for sale.

R4) Advertising is limited to one ad per 30 days posted in the Dedicated Advertising Forum and may advertise your companies', sub-companies or associated companies services and any products for sale. It will remain any companies' responsibility to ensure that their employees are made aware of, and abide by the same policy.

R5) Retailers/related organisations not adhering to items R1 thru R4, or normal membership items above, may have their forum Warn Levels raised and/or posting/reply rights suspended.