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Help Topic: Limit of Liability

Any opinions, comments or views expressed on this forum, attach themselves only to that of the author and may not reflect the opinions of the Administrator, Moderators or our webhosts.

Every effort is made to monitor all posts, although considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board we shall not be deemed liable for any damages or dispute arising from a delay in removing objectional material. Members are asked to help the moderators by reporting any abusive or objectional post to the moderators by using the 'Report' button or the messaging facility, do not attempt to challenge the post yourself as this will often make the situation worse and turn a volatile situation into a flame war.

You agree that by voluntarily submitting content (pictures or text) to this community you are granting us free, non-exclusive licence to publish that material regardless of any change in your membership status. This means that, although you retain the copyright of your work, you are freely and irrevocably allowing us to use that content in any way we deem appropriate. However, we will not use that content on any other website or publication without your express permission.

Dj's United shall not be held liable for any dispute or loss incured through the forum during any business or commercial activity between its members. You are politely reminded of your own obligations to ensure the suitability of any product or service and to obtain any agreement in writing.