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Help Topic: Use of the Gig Area

This area of the forum is provided for Members to pass on work to others which they are unable to do. It is also provided for DJs seeking additional work to advertise their availability provided they are ACTIVE FORUM MEMBERS with a minimum of 15 posts.

Please note: If, as a DJ, you tout for work here with less than 15 posts your post may be deleted. When posting offers of work or advertising your availability, you should end your post with your preferred method of contact (usually via PM) since nobody will be able to reply to the thread. If you do gain work from here then play the game and consider passing a booking back.

Agents or those passing on work for commission or reward, may also use this area, provided that they clearly identify that they are an agent.

DJs United accepts no liability for business transacted between parties, and we urge all members to obtain any agreements in writing.