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  1. We still have a valid license so I took the opportunity to upgrade the Forum Software from V3.4.7 to V4.5.3. For the first time in ten years..
  2. Review of the NJD Datamoon 250W DMX Gobo Moonflower I bought my first Datamoon in 1997, when it was one of the first affordable DMX moonflowers on the market. Back then it cost £349 and was built at the original NJD Factory in Nottingham. From it's debut at the PLASA show the previous year, the NJD Datamoon quickly become a very popular effect amongst Mobile D.J's and became something of an industry standard, going on to win numerous 'best mobile lighting effect' awards from various industry sources, including the then called TVDJA in 1998. In 8 years very little has changed,
  3. Here are a selection of Adult Party Games. Please remember that these should only be used with discretion at the correct function with the correct - all adult audience!. Dare as you Bare The D.J invites one male and one female onto the stage to be asked general / pop related questions, with the empathsis that if they get a question wrong, they have to remove an article of clothing. The D.J then asks each person a question, and upon getting it wrong the person removes some clothing. Of course the questions start easy and get extremely difficult as they progress - to the point of being alm
  4. This thread may be of interest to those wanting a career in either Sound & Lighting workshops or the Arts / Drama / Broadcast and will be updated as / when I come across more information. Although mainly aimed at young people looking for a career in the above and about to leave school, although most of the courses are available to anybody. Please contact the people running the courses directly for more information and application forms, since I haven't any experience of these personally, and neither can I pull any strings on your behalf! . Please keep this thread on topic R
  5. This section is dedicated to the REVIEW of Lighting Equipment only. For example writing your opinion on a piece of equipment recently bought or that you already OWN. If you are looking for support on a piece of equipment, or ASKING for other peoples advice, then please post these request's in the "BUYING EQUIPMENT" section of the forum. Thanks.
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