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  1. We still have a valid license so I took the opportunity to upgrade the Forum Software from V3.4.7 to V4.5.3. For the first time in ten years..
  2. Well at least this time around the industry can't keep the drama to themselves, its affecting pretty much every industry globally with potentially 3 - 6 million jobs said to be on the line once the Furlough scheme ends in a fortnight. Although suffice to say missing out Entertainers in the support packages earlier in the year was a massive kick in the teeth for those who do this full time, but I guess also shows where we sit in the grand pecking order of industries - clearly we don't produce enough tax revenue to qualify for any support. As I mentioned on Robsters post yesterday, of the f
  3. Nobody has said Happy 2020 yet.........probably for the best!
  4. Since the last meaningful discussion here was around a decade ago, I would be stunned if anybody in ANY industry had predicted what would be happening in 2020 with any clarity, certainly they could earn a decent salary as a Government 'expert' if they could, because ultimately they would be much better prepared than the Government!. So to continue this theme....... More to the point, how many of those doing this full time had the foresight to save up a buffer for a rainy day? - a disaster recovery fund?. Disaster planning and having the means to fund your survival for a prolonged perio
  5. No, there was never any upgrade - the forum was deliberately closed by Dan in late 2010 / early 2011, when he stepped down from the role of Admin as he was the last to go, he turned off the lights, i've no idea who put the upgrade message up I suspect it was just left from the last time the forum was closed and nobody had any reason to change it. Since I was originally going to close it before I left, I had absolutely no problem with Dan's final decision as Admin as, in my opinion, it was always going to be a stay of execution and keeping it going had only delayed the inevitable in the first p
  6. I was always surprised at how much of a mystery this always was. Although I stepped down as Admin and from all active roles in 2009 and had no active day to day interest in its final few years, I was still the owner and I still bankrolled the cost for those running it once I had left. Admins come and go but Ownership of the forum has never changed since it was started in 2003. In relation to how long it will last?, well a lot of DJ's, spent a hell of a lot of their time here in the early days, freely volunteering information and offering advice and although the technology has changed and man
  7. Strange, how I always knew that it would end like this......
  8. For information on games for this age group, have a read of the following thread http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3101
  9. Hi Paul, Sorry to hear the sad news. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  10. 20% Biodiesel blended with 80% Regular diesel with a dash of millers power plus in the car. 100% Biodiesel in the Van during the summer - 50/50 in the winter months.
  11. 56?? - What? - Again? :dan+ju: Happy Birthday, have a good un tongue out icon
  12. dont need one. Biodiesel at 69p per litre - duty paid
  13. I remember you saying something similar on a BOSE L1 / PAS discussion thread, 12 months later you'd bought one yourself. Does this mean that in about 12 months time we'll be seeing a JBL addition to the Harris family?? tongue out icon
  14. So thats what it is, I thought it was something that he'd hit in the Car :scared:
  15. I've never heard of the company that you have mentioned, so I am unable to comment either way. I would recommend that you take a look at the Thomann website, as several members have bought items from them before. Thomann are based in Germany, but ship goods all over the world at Reasonable shipping rates
  16. German engineering isn't all its cracked up to be either. I've spent far more on a German Engineered car in the past 12 months, than I ever did in total during 4 years of ownership of a British Built Vauxhall. I've also just found that this particular model, and year has two very well known documented faults, namely Turbo (£2500+), and the Engine Manifold breaking and falling into the engine resulting in total engine failure, something to look forward too. In twelve months i've spent £600 on a Catalytic Convertor, £500 on Brakes, £180 on rear springs and £150 on a new MAF sensor. I've als
  17. I think it will be playing on the minds of a lot of people tonight, so expect various emotions through the entire evening. Yes, there will be some emotion because people deal with things (or aren't as good at hiding them) as others. It is difficult, but try and use the toast as a celebration of his life, rather than dwelling on the circumstances of his death. I think you should do it at 12.00, at least it gives you the opportunity to try and detract a little bit from the emotion of the actual toast in the following hour. Nothing worse than ending that way and letting people drift away los
  18. Yeah but then you'd have to change your name from Mike Moore to Jed Clampett tongue out icon
  19. Banner Images in sigs are limited to 468 x 80 pixels, if your banner is greater than these dimensions it will be rejected. This limit applies to everybody, including me. As Paul says, there are obvious reasons as to why we do this, but If ever accessing the forum from a PDA, Mobile device or dial up connection, you will see another example!. However if your image is inside of these dimensions and you are still having problems, a link to the actual image and a copy of the error text which you are actually getting would help a great deal.
  20. I might be wrong here, but I believe that the flip side of the smoking regs is that your employer supports you with not only with support but also some limited financial means to help employees to quit. Of course how much and how far will vary from employer to employer, but I think at the very minimum they have to contribute to the cost of patches and such for a certain period. It may be worth speaking to your supervisor / occupational health department to get the facts, certainly worth asking the question. Another area which is overlooked, are the non medical / non intrusive means of sup
  21. Whilst this of course is beneficial from some points of view, I wonder where the tax revenue loss from fewer smokers and less cigarette consumption is going to be recovered from?. Higher fuel tax - the £1.10p litre? More duty on beer? A new entertainment licence? An increase of VAT from 5% to ?% on heating bills / utilities? Higher overall VAT Rates, Higher Taxation etc You can bet your life that the venue air may be cleaner, but we'll all end up footing the tax bill and you can look forward to making up the shortfall - smokers and non smokers, meekly united in lifes great t
  22. Why?, does Mihu Moore need to be plugged in these days tongue out icon
  23. Karen (Kazzachi) had some very serious family problems. She returned briefly in May 2005 Here Then she left to spend more time with her family, i'm not even sure if she is still involved with discos or not. I believe Andy - ADS has been in contact with her since. Hope retirement in Sunny Portugal is treating you well
  24. The way in which the laws of this country are prioritised is a big joke. Sure, stopping smoking saves lives, but so do child car seats. The above headline was published on the very same day that the police announced that it wasn't actively policing the laws on missing or incorrectly fitted child car seats. Not long ago I saw the typical Chelsea tractor driving the school run with two kids climbing all around the back of the 4x4 - no car seats not even a seat belt. If the driver had been in a head on collision or had to have stopped suddenly it doesn't even bear thinking about. I
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