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  1. I've seen Big Ben working, can't beleive he is still at it !
  2. Friday - Day out to NEC, Birmingham for British Open Horse Championship (Gutted - Gadget Show Live in very next arena, I could have got tickets for that whilst everyone else when in with the horses). Saw Jason riding a great looking skateboard type thing, which looked like fun , although I was eating a Subway at the time, so I was probably having more fun... Managed to spend just over £500 on horsey things, so the question is would I have spent more in with Suzi and the guys ? Saturday - Wedding cake delivery done, back for the entertainment tonight, band on until 2230hrs, I do the last
  3. Loop the intro from the 7"
  4. 0315hrs now and about to start about 40 minutes paperwork. Does that make me busy or stupid ?
  5. Wanna swop. If I only had 13 odd jobs per day, I'd be happy ! Today for example, not because it is any busier/quieter than any other day, just because it is today ! 1. Walk the dog 2. Complete 13 booking forms that have been returned to me, along with the cheques 3. Complete banking 4. Send out 3 booking forms/quotes 5. Just off to do the banking now 6. Buy flowers for cake on Saturday 7. Buy music for upcoming gigs 8. Go and visit daughter, as she is still in bed all the time 9. Buy stationary in Staples 10. Food shopping on the way home 11. Open todays post
  6. Anyone else in the 21st century, everything done by email now here.
  7. A flight case that need collecting, and then start it's journey to Devon, rather hoping someone could have collected it, then delivered to another DJ alittle closer to me, and so on until it reached me. Not the first time it has been done, which is why Kingy knew the score in the first post !!
  8. 1. I is good @ grammur 2. It's cause I knowz the music 3. I have tons of freindz on facebok I dunno mate.
  9. I knew this was going to be hard work...
  10. I have the paperwork from the merchant bank to sign up for a terminal, just haven't done it yet.
  11. Keeping an eye on this thread, have all literature, just need to sign up. Our main problem is missing post
  12. Andy is correct, Derek retired, and his son (I think) concetrates on car parts.
  13. Back on topic Not discussing agents as such, just what you are happy with, and why ?
  14. So does that make the main dealer a shark as well as the agent who makes £x for you ?
  15. I really don't get this. A mechanic works for a main dealer, he is working for £30 per hour, the main dealer charges £120 per hour (4 x times what the mechanic get paid) Who is on the wrong now ?
  16. YourBigEvent


    Snow Patrol Aerosmith Robbie
  17. Correct, one rule for one.... Say the agent, who agrees to pay you £200 per gig, for any gig, on any day, gives you 2 gigs a week on average, and fully books you in December. You get £24,000 pa from the agent. Now do you worry he has also made £24k, or are happy not to have to do a 9 to 5 job ?
  18. OK, so you are not happy at the agent make £200 on a £400 gig, the agent 'makes' 50% of the total fee. So you stay at home and decide to buy a pizza instead. The pizza costs you £15, are you then happy that the pizza you have just paid £15 for, only cost under £7.50 to make (50% of the total fee) ?
  19. OK, playing devils advocate here BTW, I'm not saying that there is a right or wrong answer, if your fee was £200, how much would you be happy for the agent to charge ? £220, £250, £300 ?
  20. Why, if you are happy with your fee, does it matter whether the other guys makes £5, £50 or £500 ?
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