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  1. Dunno until 10 minutes before the end, surely you have to read the crowd.
  2. The devil went down to Georgia, or Call me Al. Use both as a soundcheck.
  3. THIS IS A MADE UP TOPIC, AND THE PRICES QUOTED ARE ALSO MADE UP. So someone calls you to do a disco, and says the fee is £200. You take the booking, and find out that the person who gave you the work charged £450. Do you do anything about it ?
  4. 1. YBE 2.SWPAT 3.Freelance 4.Annelise 5.Can't say until Autumn time ! 6.Still under wraps !
  5. Bet Yorkshire is more populated than Devon though.
  6. Good point, no banking on Friday then, just paperwork at home then.
  7. TBH I can't remember the last cheque I wrote, a parking ticket I think ! Accountant software is QuickBooks 2006 at present, although looking for something that works on a Mac. QB is quite good, you can have multiple companies, I have four companies set up on it at the moment. What do you use ?
  8. PCWB Laptops Direct EuroPC Or buy a Mac !
  9. LOL. Friday is now booked up. I know I have 13 cheques to catch up with too, deposits mainly, what do you do ? Do the paperwork for jobs you already have or get more work ?
  10. Sitting in a conference with the WiFi on, just spent £200 this afternoon, just by surfing around. a flightcase for my mixer and a mouse for my Mac etc etc etc.
  11. Exactly ! BTW Ralph Lauren shirts for me
  12. There are three levels of equipment as I see it Amateur, such as Chauvet, KAM etc Professional quality - Behringer etc High End - A&H etc That doesn't mean that anyone using KAM is ameuterish, just not using higher end equipment Anyway back to the question if you want a cheap and cheerful wireless mic try the AKG WMS40 series, if you have a little more dosh look at the Sennheiser EW range.
  13. I, too have never had, or going to have anything with KAM written on it. Snobbery - Probably. I run a quality professional company using professional quality equipment. You get what you pay for. Spend more on your equipment and cry only once.....
  14. OK, I'll start this week's topic Monday - Running around to Stage Electrics etc taking kit back, then meeting in the evening Tuesday - Conference for Archeologists, meeting in the evening Wednesday - Conference again, nothing in the evening Thursday - Conference during the day, then a meeting, followed by wedding reception, funnily enough I have more Thursdays this month than Fridays ! Friday - Paperwork ! Saturday - All day Danish wedding Sunday - All day English wedding
  15. Thanks, she'll make a full recovery in time, and will be back on a horse soon. Thanks guys
  16. OK, so we were having a family day out at The British Open Horse Championships on Friday 17th April, the family being me, wife, two daughters, and the eldest daughters boyfriend. Unfortunately Jill, our eldest daughter had a bad accident last week, she fell off her horse, and had to be airlifted to Devon's main hospital with spinal injuries. For the next few days we didn't know whether she would be able to walk again, luckily she has gained all feelings back, and despite not being able to walk at present, she will eventually be able to get back to normal, and start riding again. Howe
  17. YourBigEvent

    Boys Names

    Can you think of any tracks with boys names.
  18. YourBigEvent

    Girls Name

    Can you think of any tracks that are girls name Sara - Fleetwood Mac to start off with
  19. Yes there would, most of their players come from Portugal/Spain/Holland/Germany etc. But I do see what you're saying.
  20. 17888 Obviously I'm better than Kingy !
  21. 3 months off... At least you won't owe the VAT man very much...
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