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  1. Wirelessly in conference main room, sitting behind FOH
  2. All safety equipment is required on conference set ups, so i HAVE Steelies Hi Vis jackets Safety hats Goggles Ear plugs etc etc etc
  3. Requested for 23rd May 2009 so will be played then.
  4. Tuesday evening entertainment is entitled 'Going Green' Any ideas for music ?
  5. Monday night's entertainment is titles 'Bella Italia', so Italian music, pAvaroti etc Any others you could think of ?
  6. What Kingy really wants is one of those free standing hairdryers in woman's salon playing Val Doonican. Not that he has any use for it.
  7. Someone has asked me to do this at tonight's wedding.
  8. Who (in their prime) would you like to watch against someone in the same profession, using the best equipment etc Tiger Woods vs Arnold Palmer vs Tom Morris as a threesome coming up the 18th at Augusta Norman Hunter vs Ronaldo in a England vs Portugal World Cup Final Ali vs Tyson There is a great start...
  9. HOORAY !!! If it was me and i was ever in this situation where i thought it was not available i would contact SBI who actually make backing tracks or another company who make backing tracks and ask them to make it for me and charge accordingly.
  10. So nobody did what I did then ? BTW the track was the instrumental version of Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros.
  11. OK, so it's not available as a karaoke track
  12. A bride asks you for the instrumental version of a song which is not readily available as a track Let's say Fat Larry's Band - Zoom. She wants it as a first dance What do you do, it's not available as a legal download anywhere, although you have seen it on You Tube.
  13. Wow, thanks for the replies, the website is for a couple of new businesses we are just starting, nothing to do with the entertainment side really, but as I know I get a webspace with Apple (at a cost of £59 per year) I was wondering if £5 a month was the going rate. My other businesses website are all hosting and manned by a company, this company will charge me £80 plus VAT per year for web hosting (£7.66/mth inc VAT) but as he is only a telephone call, and 10 miles away I will probably go with him, and cancel my Apple Mobile Me account.........unless anyone knows any better solutions.
  14. Friday - Meeting with a Danish bride, who lives in Spain, but getting married in the UK, has booked disco, karaoke, bagpiper, casino table, football table, comedians, quartet, MC and uplighting. Still have to quote for the crockery for afternoon tea. Saturday - Small PA, then wedding, working with band using their PA, but supplying uplighting in the bar area. Sunday - Wedding Fair, then a birthday tea with family before a parrty in the evening until 0000hrs. Monday - Conference from 0800hrs until 1800hrs, then disco for the delegates in the evening until 0200hrs Tuesday - C
  15. I have just tried using iWeb on my Mac and it looks easy enough to build a website. Once I have designed and built it, how do I get in online, since day 1 I have used a web designer, but want to do this 'all by myself'. I am guessing I need a webhost. How much and where please ?
  16. Just chucked 1000 glowsticks away only three days ago. Never use them. As for starter Rich, try Prawn cocktail or melon.
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