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  1. Feedback destroyer 'kill' that frequency, therefore in theory at least you could end up with no frequencies left, I have never used anything, just tweak the EQ a little.
  2. Can't remember the last time I played the tune. Culture Club aren't that popular anymore.
  3. The original "recommended" fuses for domestic appliances when BS1363 plugs were devised in the late 1940s were 2A, 5A, 10A and 13A. Gradually over the years the 10A rating was dropped as being unnecessary, and the smallest suggested 2A fuse changed to 3A, leaving "normal" ratings of 3A, 5A and 13A. It was only a few years ago (can't remember the precise year, but am totally guessing at early 2000's) that 5A was also dropped as one of the recommended sizes, leaving the present suggestion of just 3A or 13A. Ratings of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 13A are all still available though. I don't
  4. Karma Chameleon by Culture Club ? Karma Chameleon by Culture Club ?
  5. Sorry, not worded very well The The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, states the following: Typical fuse ratings for 220-240 voltage equipment: up to 750 watts - 3 Amp, up to 1250 Watts -5 Amp, over 1250 Watts -13 Amp. A lot of Portable Appliance Testing sites state the following: For the convenience of users, appliance manufacturers have standardised on two plug fuse ratings- 3A & 13A and adopted appropriate flex sizes. For appliances up to 700W a 3A fuse is used, for those over 700W a 13A fuse is used. Confusingly, you can still obtain 2 AMP, 5 AMP,
  6. Anything over 700w = 13amp (13 A) Anything under 700w = 3amp (3 A) Let me explain... The BS 1363 13 A plug has a BS 1362 cartridge fuse inside. This allows the use of 30 A/32 A (30 A was the original size; 32 A is the closest European harmonised size) socket circuits safely. In order to keep cable sizes manageable these are usually wired in ring mains. It also provides better protection for small appliances with thin flex as a variety of fuse ratings (1 A, 2 A, 3 A, 5 A, 7 A, 10 A 13 A with 3, 5 and 13 being the most common) are available and a suitable fuse should be fitted to
  7. On a boat, no headroom, as I couldn't stand up straight anyway.
  8. £1 3s 4d £500 for a working mans club ??????????? Wake up !!
  9. Sennheiser are great, but each PP9 batteries every gig, my AKG WMS used 2 x AA batteries that last for months of gigs.
  10. I would buy a VGA Splitter for about £60 myself
  11. fantastic Saturday gig, like I say left home just after 8am, got home just before 6am. Best day of the year. A proper wedding, very expensive, nice people, the bride, sort of owns the venue, which I work at slot, so know everyone etc Back there next Saturday too.
  12. Todays wedding cost is just under £60k Next week, here again, cost is just under £20k £80,000 in two week. Anyone beat that costings ?
  13. DJay is quite good, radiologic is better though, both designed for Mac, I have both on my Mac,. Don't actually use any though, must get around to doing so !
  14. Wedding last night, was OK Wedding tonight in same venue for one DJ I've got the biggest wedding of the year, arrived at 9am this morning, out by 3am tomorrow morning, so after an hours drive to and from, it's a 20 hour day again. 4 set ups in 4 different rooms, at same venue, one is a simple mixer/music/speaker for outside drinks reception, one is pretty much the same for the wedding breakfast, but with a wireless microphone for speeches etc, and a wireless speaker too, one is for the ceremony, two speakers, music, mixer etc, the other is the main room for tonight. Also have to
  15. Oh yes, food and hygiene certificates required. Our small commercial kitchen cost about £6k to kit out.
  16. Rich, Text the record name to 0797 0717 448, a reply will come back to you within an hours. Next time we meet up, I'll work out how many times you have used the service, and invoice you £25 per request. Sounds good ?
  17. I had one a few years ago, cost to set up was about £5k, that included all equipment, staff uniforms etc etc. Running cost depends on how well you want to do it. Can't remember the figures but something like this Chocolate £50 Food £30 Staff ( 2 x £75 ) £150 Usual business costs, insurances etc £25 Total £250 ish Can do it cheaper but do you want quality or quantity ?
  18. Will you have the money to start it up though
  19. Software 3.0 will be available in June 2009, some good features including MMS, text forwarding, cut and paste etc. So the most advanced telephone on the market gets what all phones for the last 5 years have had as standard.
  20. 497.5% is the highest APR I've seen. Look here
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