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  1. i still need help ive got my karaoke songs loaded on to my external hard drive along with my pop videos, and invested in a 10m vga moniter conection cable but it displays on my 32'' hd tv my pcdj decks, what or how do i get to display just karaoke or my pop videos only on my tv im tring to get it all set up ready to go out on the road, and i need to know if there is a way i can get better sound without using my headphone socket which i need for my headphones cos tring to get the sound through my mixer i cant crossfade to hear what im cue'ing up next with my videos to get my vidz spot on any
  2. hi again i still need help as i am new to digital djing i bought into pcdj-vj and need some help, how do i accesses my perfomer list to see who i've got singing now and next, playing videos is easy but i need to know how to create a play list for e.g like when i warm up befor i start. so i need a continue'us playlist of videos how do i please help. many thanks.
  3. hi there again thank for all the replys, due to the price range ive settled on pcdj-vj to start me of in digital djing one question tho how do get the song playlist up to know whos singing next,ive masterd the vj part of pc dj for now, ive ripped most if not all my karaoke cdg discs to mp3-cdg and catalogue and named my tracks. i read the instructions which im gettin my head round, oh ive forgot to ask is it better to use an external sound card the sound i get form my headphone socket is crap'ish and what is the best hardware to use to take my vj videos to telly, remember the dffrent sock
  4. many hellos to you all, ive asked a question on pc digital karaoke djing in karaoke chat hope you all have the time to take a look and answer my question many thanks guys if your gonna take look i could do with the help
  5. thanks guys i still need more info im a newbie to digital karaoke djing like whats the best program to rip my karaoke discs to mp3-cdg and how do i manage my files and how do i lable the son tracks with what programs and do i need a codec program do i need the likes of directx up date i have no clue. hope you guys can still help me thanks
  6. i need help lots of it, it's time for me to join the pc dj and im very old school still on cd. i need to join the laptop revolution cos i find that just doning wedding e.t.c are gettin less around here, becouse most people now live in(that old sayin you call)sin so its my first step in to the karaoke word. when i go out with the mrs it to a mates karaoke night (and yes) i get up to sing,it's nothing special. so my question is pcdj-vj or virtual dj pro which is beter,my mate uses virtual dj pro he says he cant get on with pc dj so need the thoughts of you lot out there to help on whi
  7. been a bit bizzy to read my replys so got some free time now thanks for the replies im going now to to read the othe topics and hopefully ask a question i been wanting to ask ok
  8. thanks all and hello jason i'll take on board your mesage hope to many more of you djs soon :thanks:
  9. hello to all you mobile dj out there introduced myself on the wrong post so here goes. came back out of retirement after a short break,started as a roadie way back in 1982 after a year at 14 did my first gig, with the mobile disco i was roadie'in for on the decks of the day the citronic hawaiian thoese were bulky decks. did a stint for five years as club dj playing 60's 70's and the hits of the day (80's) then in the early 90's went mobile by myself, so nearly 25 years or more (give or take) as a disc jocky. so ive a new set up, done a few gigs, looking for more work, find it slow at
  10. thanks garry for your advice i'll take that on board next time i should have introduced my self on the other post first on introdution? i think it is many thanks
  11. yo hi there to all the mobile djs out there im new to this after coming off another forum hope i can get along with you lot, came out of retirement in 2009 after a few years off due 2 a ex who really didnt like me doing discos my new miss'es loves it, done a few gigs now, bit slow at the moment on the gigs seeing as ive came out of retirement, im out all the time looking for gigs find it a bit hard at the mo, i think im pushing myself into it too fast. ive got the basic set up i know ive got to up date my profile, set up a free web site, got a portfolio, going down the legal route this
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