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  1. further confirms what we have recently seen in the market
  2. £50 from a £400 gig every month seems reasonable enough I suppose.
  3. I really do wish I got more work from the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Hi You should bump your price up and go for the vci 100, its excellent and has a lot of support out there
  5. Pen and Pad, I agree is a must when taking down requests. Once they give you 5 requests, they go on a roll and want to dictate your entire set haha
  6. If you can get a cheap Vestax VCI 100, say £225. DO IT
  7. It takes a lot of patience, trial and error and time to get nar the top of google searches, Im still not there. Good Luck ey Jon
  8. I use Pickaweb web hosting including domain name £35 per annum
  9. The way to go is through itunes, it has powerful playlist editors and smart playlists I like to view my music by genre and decade really..
  10. Virtual Dj has the great advantage of integrated Karaoke Player which always comes in useful, no plug ins needed like in PCDJ, and better interface..but I'm Biased :-)
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