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  1. :good: :toot: Nice one and :thanks: for sharing.
  2. :welcome: Like Mccardle said you will find all the info you could ever need.
  3. :welcome: Hello and welcome. All i can say is ask a question and you will get a reply.
  4. Hi all hope you are all busy. My question is, If you was booked to do a christmas works do and told the time to start and time to finish would you be a anoyed if when you tell every one thats the last song, thank you very much and have a good christmas only to have the person who booked you come up and say.....Why are you stopping you can carry on till i tell you to stop :lil devil: What anoyed me even more is the peolple that was telling me to carry on didnt leave the bar all night(yep it was free) till i played the last slow song. And i had gone over the agreed time by an hour
  5. :crap: Thats what i think of it. Can't stand it and have never been asked for it.
  6. Hi and welcome to the mobile world. sounds like i have the same speakers as you,when i got mine i gat a kam kxr2000 works like a dream £270ish on e-bay. Thanks barry.
  7. I have not done this but i was at a gig when the dj found the fuse box then found the fuse and the party whent on no more problem power cuts. I didn't do a thing guv :ads:
  8. barry

    13th Birthday Help

    Hi Fester i would play it along with grease, macarena, cha cha slide, rednex cotton eyed joe, gap band opps up side your head, y.m.c.a. I played all these at a 13th party and they all loved it. Also jessie j -do it like a dude price tag.Katy b-lights on.Far east movement -like a g6.Avril lavigne - what the hell.Kesha -we r who we r got them all squawking. just play anything thats in the chart now and it will be fine and dont worry if they are on the dance floor one second and off it the next they will be back on it soon. Have fun. Barry :joe:
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