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  1. Personally, I always have the lights as high as possible. The principle being that the higher they are, the less likely they are to shine in peoples eyes on the dancefloor.
  2. I noticed on a bottle of sun tan lotion the other day "For External Use Only" I suppose in these days of litigation, the manufacturers have to try to cover their posteriers :moon: in every possible way.
  3. One I've had requested a couple of times Born to Hand Jive - Dirty Dancing
  4. I once deleted the whole inbox when going through the spam on autopilot. Now I have the pst file copied to another drive automatically when the PC starts up. I really wish that Bill Gates's idea of charging for emails had taken off. If all the ISP's in the world charged 1p per email, it would not be worth the spammers sending out 5 thousand emails for the chance of a £25 sale, and I would happily pay 1p per email to stop all the spam.
  5. I notice that you didn't mention a backup mixer. My own take on backup equipment for the discos is that it only needs to get you through the rest of the night in case of disaster with a reasonable sound quality, so you don't need to invest in or carry extra expensive equipment. I personally carry an old McGregor 4 channel mono 100W amp. This acts as backup for both the amp and the mixer, as with a variety of leads I can plug everything into it's own channel on the amp. The exception to this is when I do the sound for theatre shows etc. I then have backup power amp, mixer etc. Th
  6. My hearing is definitely not what it was, neither is my eyesight, so I suspect mine is due to age. It was really brought home to me how bad my hearing is yesterday when a group of 18 of us from work had a meeting in Yates to discuss something. The background music wasn't loud at all, but I couldn't tell what others were saying half the time. The wife calls me a deaf old b:cense:g:cense: at home and is always moaning at me for how loud I've got the TV. The most frustrating thing is my eyes though. I used to work on printed circuit boards, replacing components without any tro
  7. I wish you all the best for the future Matt, and you're doing it at the right age, rather than waiting till your old like me and then wishing you'd tried it when you were younger. Having said that, I've been fully self employed 3 times between the age of 20 and 40, and gone bust 3 times (mainly because I'm useless at managing my finances), but I still wouldn't change the past. When you get to my age you often look back and think, "I wonder what would have happened if I'd done that", so go for it now while you're still young. :Thumbup:
  8. :djuhi: Welcome Jon Know what you mean about the cables. Mine have to be coiled up properly, and put away neatly. Makes it's so much easier setting up. When my son puts stuff away, it takes me ages untangling them all, which drives me mad when I setting up.
  9. :wall: Oh all right then, Richard O'Brien Stop picking on me just because I'm old. :sad:
  10. I play it quite often, usually with YMCA, Oops Upside etc. Like others, I only play the Richard O'Sullivan London cast original though.
  11. I've seen Karaoke hosts who can't sing for toffee, but they had a fantastic bubbly personality which worked really well as they took the P out of themselves. I personally can sing, but deliberately never sing my best when starting the night, and if they're not getting up to sing, I make my singing get worse & worse till (hopefully) someone does get up for a go.
  12. Aahh! I'm using the 2008 diary, so it must have arrived. Suppose I'll have to start trawling through all that paperwork that's in a pile waiting to be looked at and dealt with.
  13. After talking to a potential customer the other day where she mentioned PLI, I looked in my laptop bag (where I keep my PLI & PAT certs) and found the PLI cert in there from MU expired at the end of Dec 2007. I don't recall receiving a new one, though that doesn't mean I haven't :stu: . Has anyone else received their 2008 one yet?
  14. I seem to recall that some famous top name DJ's don't use vinyl anymore, and that they play premixed mixes. Wonder if she'd cancel them for the same reason. With regards to using a laptop, I've never had anything but positive comments.
  15. I can't believe that you did that to a guest, or that you'd post it in a public area of the forum. :shrug: Hope non of your future bookings read it.
  16. I was asked for the dirty dancing megamix on Saturday night, but haven't got it. What CD's is it on?
  17. NO. My price is the right price for my services, and I believe it to be a fair one. I would be extremely happy if everyone in my area put their prices up to match mine.
  18. If you've got the disk space then I agree with Tony, wav gives the best quality. But remember, no matter how good your sound file, it can only sound as good as the weakest link in your system. I rip mine at VBR with a minimum of 160, and I've noticed that most of the time they're playing at 220. Whilst I pride myself on giving the customer good sound quality, I think anything higher than this is wasted at a disco. where I do use wav's is when I'm creating the backing music for Gang Show where it will be used in a theatre.
  19. I used to have this debate with myself every time I gave a price, but not anymore. For abut the past 18 months I have a pricing structure set up, which I know off by heart, and I have trained myself to the attitude of, "these are my prices and I won't turn out for less". Bear in mind though, that I have a full time reasonably paid job, so I'm not dependant on being fully booked.
  20. Depends on the function. Weddings - I often use The Wonder of You - Elvis or Finally Found - The Honeys(I think ) Mature functions - The Answer to Everything - David Alexander Did a wedding a few months back where about the only thing they would dance to was slowies, so I played one of my alltime fave tracks Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams - I Finally Found Someone, and one of the guests came up saying "You've got my vote Mr. DJ, for just this one track", and the dance floor was about the fullest it was all night.
  21. I think you may need to show us a picture, or you've got the wrong name for one of the plugs. I've never seen a chaser with a single IEC output socket, there just aren't enough connections. Do you mean it has four separate IEC outputs - one for each light? Not much help to you I'm afraid, or maybe I'm misreading your description.
  22. No I'm one of the ones who'll be waiting till the last minute before I go out and buy anything, and then it will be the cheapest option I can find. I honestly can't see why this change is being forced upon us. The change from 405 lines to 625 lines and VHF to UHF was justified as it gave a greatly improved picture. When I've watched programs that are obviously being played back from digital media, I don't think I have seen one that hasn't stuttered at some point, so as far as I'm concerned, this digital lark isn't an improvement.
  23. Thanks to Matt for helping me try it out. :thanks:
  24. Well I plunged in at lunchtime and squandered £15 on a webcam with built in mic from Maplins as it was on offer. Got it all installed now and have to say the camera seems briliant, but I'm not sure about the mic. When I try the skype test thingy, my voice is very muffled and low volume. Might just be the skype test thingy. Ineed to test it now with someone who's got Skype.
  25. Was round at my Sister-In-Laws yesterday and her son had bought her a webcam with built in mic for Christmas so they could keep in touch via Skype. Both her children live in the South, and since my brother died she's now on her own at home. Her son called her while we were there, and I have to say I was very impressed, so much better than a phone call, it made me think about getting a suitable webcam. It's been about a year since Skype was properly discussed on here, and it seems to have NOT died out as predicted. So, does anybody use? If so, how have you found it to use? If
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