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  1. thanks for reply derek paul,i always carry backup speakers, amp, mixer and cd players ...just in case, i leave them in the van. the speaker in question is passive (no amp built in). i have run the speaker since repair for 6 hours with no problems in a test envioroment. the manufactuer has not come back to me with a replacement board, so that may be a dead end.
  2. Thanks for your replys superstardeejay & fester. the boards transistor has leaked and the board has blown & expanded. I can replace the transistor, and capacitors, and bridge the board as a secondary measure. I have contacted where i purchased them from 3 years ago for a replacement,but to date am still waiting for a reply. again thanks
  3. Hello Everyone, I had the miss fortune that some neanderthal spilt a pint of larger down the back of my speaker.during the evening it smelt of burning, eventually sounding distorted, then silent.I feared the worst; that it was badly damaged. I opened the speaker up next day after being next to a radiator in the house which was on.and found that where the cross over board was attatched to the cabinet was brown stained.I set up the equipment and it worked fine again. So i guess my question is what should i do? should i replace the cross over board with a new one? should i clean the boa
  4. thanks Dukesy, found this for £58 looks good http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servl...Track=OTCCNPROS.
  5. Thanks Raymilkybarkid, I will have to check them out.
  6. Hello everyone. now im sorted with my technics sl 1210 mk 2 turntables i need to know whats the best carts and stylus to fit to them. regards chris
  7. thanks to all for replying to this post.I have now got hold of two technics sl1210 mk 2 with concord stanton stylus's for £350.which im well pleased about.obviously they are secondhand, not new, but feel like i have got a result. what is the best cartridge/stylus to use with these babys? regards chris
  8. thanks gadget for your solid advice. regards chris thanks superstardeejay for your advice. it is appreciated. regards chris
  9. Thanks orbitdisco for your speedy reply. I kinda guessed what you would say, but needed reasurance. thanks chris
  10. Hello Everyone, I am in a situation where i need two turntables to play vinyl records on a community radio program.I am buying them and donating them to the radio station. I have spoken with the chairman with regards to what i feel we need, which is the technics sl1200 range. however the option is to try and get two used models for £500. which direct drive turntable would you recomend? what about stanton t62 or numark tt200, citronic pd-1,or kam ddx 800.so long as they fall into my budget of £500 i will be happy.(but i know they are not technics the godfather of turntables). So pleas
  11. Hi ALL and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. I don't usually do xmas or NYE, but recieved a phone call for help, as landlady had tried everyone and they were booked.venue was 30 miles away and to make matters worse my vans head gasket went, which meant i had to hire transport.I got paid £220. i arrived a 6pm, set up and playing music by 7pm,went to bar to get 2 cokes and charged £3.10, luckly i had 6 cans of coke in van.evening went really well with kids dancing till 9, then grown ups took over, about a dozen dancing through out the evening till 11.45 when i anounced that midnight was approaching.
  12. i have used spacious audio's sam party dj.it costs $129 and boasts that it can handle 50,000 tracks.I use it with windows xp home and have never had an issue with it.the only problem is that you have to load every track seperately,unless your music is already on hard drive.(or maybe im not computer literate!).you can download a free 30 day trial. i also have just purchased pcdj red version to have a second back up on another laptop, but have not used it yet, so can not comment. regards chris
  13. greetings slinccfc and welcolm. all the best chris
  14. greetings yoshi3 and welcome. you have discovered the best place for help and advice. enjoy regards chris
  15. Greetings Neil, welcome. like you i am a newbie and the other members are diamonds offering advice, help .if you got a problem just ask. all the best chris
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