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  1. Ohh Boy , one of my fav styles !!!! but a can of worms - "reggae" covers many styles , and depends on the crowd your playing to .. if its a older 'general crowd' try some from these Super 70s Reggae - EMI VTDCDX 726 - a good primer 3cd box of early/mid/late 70s uk hits [not much Marley tho] The Trojan Story - METROCD 518 - a bit more 'eclectic' , but good floor fillers for old Mods/skins etc , Also look out for Prince Buster - FABulous greatest hits - TJCCDD 071 , [NOTE - there are at least 3 different versions of this cd - this one is 18 track & good 'cuts'] -
  2. i would agree with Funkymook on that ! as a 'specialist' dj [ Soul/Reggae/Ska] , by far the best way is playing in a bar , and PROMOTE IT :karen:
  3. Duke Of Earl .Gene Chandler - may raise a smile !! but stay well clear of - The Whole Towns Laughing at Me . Teddy Pendagrass
  4. A site that may be worth checking out - Popsike http://www.popsike.com/index.html type in the name of the artist & tune - it will give auction results [be warned - its NOT %100 accurate] .. The biggest headache will be where to start ! my advice [for the little its worth] sort out your records into piles Chart Hits - generally not worth much - unless they have something 'different' about them [ limited release pic disc etc] Popular dancefloor hits [non chart] - worth a bit more money , as they probably have a following today [motown N/S Ska etc]
  5. Are you after Well Known, Underplayed , or Barely played ? just for a taster John Handy - Hard Work - a big jazz funk playout in mid 70s , but hardly ever played these days ! Esther Phillips - What a difference a day makes - chart hit [but as above ] George Benson - Supership - [as above ] Robert Knight - Love on a mountain top - northern soul tune that made the charts more if you can throw me a bone !!!
  6. thanks for the tips , will get in touch with an old mate who's been in the 'trade' for more years than i think even he likes to admit ! Hope to be able to add as well as ask ! We are in a bit of a niche market , so any questions on 'our stuff' and may be able to help ..... The reason for asking about PAT testing , we have arranged a night in a local civic hall showing the Film SOULBOY - and having a 'do' afterwards , so for the first time we have been asked to supply the certificates ... a BIG stepup for us !!
  7. just joined the site , so thought i'd better say Hello ... A bit about me/us Grapevine Dance Club [or Sound System] Not really Mobile Disco style , but a couple of guys who a few years ago got cheesed off with the lack of 'our type of music' being played locally IE Northern Soul /Ska/Reggae /Mod stuff ..... So by borrowing begging & ultimately Buying second hand gear we have been playingout in various Pubs/bars in Mid Sussex for the last 4 years ... As things have grown now in need of info and advice on Gear , Lighting etc .... Our approach is more 'club style' no
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