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  1. Lee, thats a lot of cash for a non powered sub... you could get many active subs for the cash - ok they may not have the 1200w rating or the mcgregor pedigree but will give very good results none the less. To answer your question from the spec ive read, the sub has 2-way crossovers and they allow parallel connection(4ohm load) or 2-way crossover(8ohm load) to additional cabinets... However, i couldnt quite work out if the sub could manage a stereo input and pass this thru to your tops... it may only allow pass thru to one speaker?!?!? Which could mean you will need a dedicated amp fo
  2. Ray, i hope you have made some progress on a way forward let us know how you are getting on! While i know iTunes isnt everyones cup of tea, i find it very handy in creating quick play lists and ripping my cd collection, ive used it for years and not had an issue with it.. based on i always set the ripper to 320k mp3 and not used the standard apple settings... Even if you do use windows media player (WMP) the same thing prevails... you must ensure the ripping part of the software is set correctly. Meaning by defauly iTunes or WMP will rip in their native setting... typically produce
  3. 1kW & 130db thats monstrous for a 12" sub... are they sure?!?!? ive been running some kx, kv2 & HK stuff of late and they have nothing to match those specs regardless of price - fro 899 that is the way forward if those specs are true :)
  4. Have been really busy working my local pub... mainly playing pop, RnB + all good 90s club classics thru Jan & Feb... love the fact that the crowds are changing and getting much more my scene 30+ age range - i hate RnB lol Also done two soul nights at different pubs... and have been asked by my resident pub to do a monthly soul night due to demand since the last one! I too host a weekly radio show, however my chosen music is soulful house... new and old... my features include 'the funky sensation', 'the disco deviants mix', 'whats hot n happening' + a 1hr mix session! my avit
  5. ok... after speaking with my office staff what they normally do for helpers and those 'non paid' who are regularly at the school is apply for their enhanced crb and pay the £36 as they are volunteers at the school - good will... however, this doesnt extend to contractors.... Contractors will be charged by the school / contract agreement that the invoice they submit will include a discount for the cost of the crb the school carried out for them. (this is a local school policy and may not be replicated throughout the land). This can speed up the process if the service we hire is not on the
  6. As a school governor the only advice id give would be to any dj / contractor... As soon as you get a booking that required a crb check firstly speak to the school office, administrator for the establishment or local education authority to get the application underway - as you know this can take some time! And secondly to get on the list of approved suppliers for that given area / council... now this list is priceless to any given skill, be it plumber, electrician, grounds keeper... DJ, entertainer etc.. the list is endless. In Thurrock / Essex this opens many doors for vari
  7. Dukesy, self employed or not the school will need to obtain a crb for you to ensure your safe - its their responsibility and it doesnt cost them to do this. Just because you have a certificate from one place doesnt mean you can use it else where... each school or establishment needs to do it for you. typically you wouldnt need a crb to carry out a school disco as you will not be left with the kids unsupervised... however, in my school even the PTA members were crb'd via the school im governor at... just in case they so happen to be un supervised with kids in the room - which coul
  8. Should have never been a problem if the school or establishment you were working for applied for the crb for you... which is what they should have done anyway! Just because you had been checked by school 'x' doesnt mean school 'y' could employ your services, as each school should ensure your safe to employ... having said all of that, lets hope the new rules do come into play as it makes much more sense and a lot less administration for the crb dept!
  9. Any site generator should be sized to provide the correct voltage/current and calculations made before you plu in... Plus always use an appropriate distribution board + earth rod... if i know im playing outside i'll always bring my own board and rod as you can never be too sure how regulated the genny is let alone if it has the earth rod rammed in to the ground!
  10. This bit of kit seems to be aimed at the wannabe nightclub dj / bedroom mixer.. hence the one input and lack of features on the mic front. Obviously where ever you go with this DDJ-T1 you will need a pc/mac wired up so you can run dj software. The outputs are good giving you a set of balance and unbalanced sockets - i'd assume the aux in would be used for those ipod dj's or other music sources (but not a record deck). most djs that use this kit hardly speak on the mic and if they did it would be using the club mic plugged into the house mixer i'd assume?!?! Searching for tracks
  11. mjmac

    Nightclub Music.

    Kyle, welcome to the forum... take a listen to this podcast - it should give you an idea of the stuff i play when im out and about > http://clubzero.podomatic.com the first hour is funky hosue / dance... then the second hour is more soulful house you would expect to hear at the Ministry of Sound on a defected night... much more soulful and vibrant! the only thing i can suggest is do your homework, know what works with the age group your playing to... thursdays might not be a good basis due to the 'party' night theme most thrusdays have. clubs in essex normally do party night
  12. bloody hell how unstable is pcdj... also very quirky workflow... and it doesnt even rip or play from cd... very dissapointing! Signed up to kjams pro lastnight... really pleased with how it works and stability is as expected - spot on! They also do a windows version - roll on saturday :o)
  13. Without sounding too harsh... why would any DJ worth their weight need such agencies to gatgher work for them??? Your repeat bookings, referrals, free adds, coupled with a website and a few web links should be doing the work for you... for those starting out, do the foot work it pays off... and you dont have some agency sucking up a few quid out of your night! Ive never used em and never will... as metioned above the personal touch works for me!
  14. just been running kjams seems quite good... may take the plunge with that, while still in development lots of useful features including the iphone app that allows ppl to request their songs! Technology eh ;) one thing i did notice is that the internal mac super drive wont read cdg disks... lucky ive got another external drive that does work with em!
  15. so the pub im working at have asked me to do karaoke one night a month... not a problem coz i have lots of media from years back. only thing is i'd much rather play out of my mac than use the old jvc player... any ideas what would be a good software package to use and if i can use my existing cd's or rip the discs to the mac into mp3+g??? i use the mac in my studio so i can run mic's and stuff via my sound card and process vocals on the fly, reverb etc... if push comes to shove + mix the audio.. with a bunch of lcd's connected to the mini display port for remote screens... any h
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