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  1. I use KSLC from airwer and it lists all the songs? None missing? You DO have to pay to register it though!
  2. Wow! Thanks superstar, I always leave the PFL buttons on for the channels I'm using just to keep an eye on what (I thought) was amp load and then adjusted the gain controls willy nilly through the night as needed! In my local pub senarios it wouldn't be best welcomed if I started testing my max output levels while setting up early in the evening, is that what you're advising? Sorry if I'm being stupid and missunderstood! Cheers, TC
  3. Thanks diy, I'm sure that's what I used to do but the first couple of outings with it I've tried to keep everything 'halfway' for some reason? Does anyone know if one way or the other causes more or less stress on the unit? Cheers, TC
  4. Hi guys, I've got a new mixeramp, well it's an old one but haven't got round to having it repaired for a couple of years. Please see the pic I've uploaded to http://tc5712.tripod.com/tcentertainments/id3.html Sorry it's a bit big! As you can see I have a gain control on the stereo channel I use (1), seperate gain controls for amp a & b (2) (this model has seperate amps for let/right) and then the usual master volume slider (3). I take it that it's a given that the master volume slider is my main focus but what would you recommend I have the stereo & amp gain c
  5. I'm really looking forward to your thoughts on this one! I've been doing karaoke via laptop/pc (yes I used to carry a full pc & monitor around lol) for well over 10 years but in the last two or three I've been plagued by this very odd occurrence, I’m reluctant to use the word ‘problem’ because it just makes me laugh. I use zipped Mp3+g tracks on an external hard drive and once per gig (and never more than once) the track will play up to the normal 10 sec cue point, the title screen displayed as normal but then instead of the right music another backing track would play! But not a
  6. Thanks guys, Plenty to ponder there :) I'm in Cambs (PE29) if anyone is local. Cheers, TC
  7. Thanks superstardeejay, Any recommendations?
  8. Thanks for the replies so far guys. Got the model specifics now for you to have a look at: Amp is a Skytec PRO-1500 (750w @ 4 Ohm) Speakers Peavey PRO-15's Mixer Behringer Eurorack UB1204FX-PRO All are connected via good quality cables. Is there a weak link there anyone can see? (Used the same speakers before with another setup and sounded great). TIA, TC
  9. Thanks guys, got a gig tomorrow (Saturday) so will make a point of jotting down the model specifics. TC
  10. Hi guys, Been KJ-ing in pubs for well over 10 years now and built up a fantastic rep with pub management and punters alike. After many years of using mixeramps of around the £500 mark, replacing them approx every 2 years or so due to some fault or another, the last time I got some new kit I went for separate amp & mixer. They have been working fine but I’m sure the sound isn’t as ‘rich’ as it used to be and I seem to be forever ‘twiddling’ the EQs to get the best sound over numerous tracks. (Sure I didn’t have to do it as much with the combined units I used to have). Exact
  11. Just a quick update, Everything is still fine! Kit just wanted me to have a heart attack just before NYE I guess!
  12. Love it, love it! lol I think I have found my web home :) What prog is it you use Rob? TC
  13. Well, Just got back from a storming night with no sound issues what-so-ever! Bloody electronics! I should prob start a new thread for this but who else has set their kit up exactly the same and some nights it sounds great and another time it sounds like a bag of nails? (Even at the same venue). TC
  14. I'm sure it's not all down to you Robster! :) Have trialled (at home) the karaoke programs with queue management but it's never as black & white as that with me, what I always TRY to do is, if a new singer comes in I bump them straight to the front... Surely most KJs play it that way? (Up to a point, if I think I'm gonna struggle for time I'll say 'ok, if you want to sing and haven't put a request in yet you've got 10mins)' Is the software you use smart enough to work that way? TC
  15. Thanks guys! Have already found this forum very, very useful. Looking forward to asking more 'techie' questions at some point! I know my own kit inside out (even been able to instruct the Mrs how to get it all going whilst in my sick bed with Chicken Pox! But talk to me about watts and ohms? D'oh! :) Your gonna love me :)
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