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  1. Top 40 chart and rnb and you will be fine mate :) If their feeling it - a couple of party classics like saturday night and the macarena wouldn't go miss either
  2. JB is from Ireland - In Ireland its VERY common to have a band at a wedding
  3. Your problem could be DRM protection! In fact - I'd put money on that that's your problem x
  4. Hi Everyone I'm Daley, From South Wales, Been Djng in Bars / Club since I was 17 (I'm 26 now). For the last 2 years I have been Mobile and do Mostly weddings with a Hotel Residency but also a lot of private bookings also. I also do children's Discos in the day times and I have recently bought a Bouncy castle( May sell). My Set up is.. 4ft Deck Stand NJD Star Cloth 4gig I5 Laptop Numark Omni Control 2 x RCF Art 322a's 1 x RCF Art 705as 2 x ADJ X-Scan LED 1 x Kam Starcluster 3D 1 x Revo 3 1 x Martin Raptor 1 Smoke Machine. Hope to chat to you
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