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  1. Looks to be a genuine offer as its backed by Google and BT, but with all of these things, keep an open mind . But if you don't have a current web presence then it could be better than nothing, especially as it comes with some simple to use site builder templates, so you could easily get your business online reasonably quickly and for nothing. http://www.gbbo.co.uk/ Of course even if you have a main website, it might be worth a second site and domain to boost your persence - after all, its free. Worst case is that at the end of the 2 year free period you have to pay a premium
  2. Be quick as I believe this offer expires at Midnight (USA Time) on 13th Sept so late night visitors to DJU tonight might get themselves a bargain. Register upto 2x .com domains for a 12 month period, for just $1.17 each with Godaddy apply one of the following codes, per domain at the checkout fall99 godaddy99 You can use both codes, registering two seperate domains from the one account without penalty Payment with credit card only when using a discount code. You don't need to register two domains, you can just use one of the codea above for one domains. How
  3. Acceptable Use Policy DJU is a privately owned and funded, fully independent social networking community, with DJ's of all ages. Just as you are free to make your own set of rules for visitors entering your own private household, we exercise the same right to maintain our own rules for visitors to our community here, of which is detailed below. These rules may at first appear to be comprehensive, however they basically cover general internet etiquette and common sense to the point where they do not pose any problem to the majority of visitors and these rules purely exist in order to
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