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  1. Have you auditioned them both?, which did YOU prefer? To be honest, both of these are very expensive products costing well into four figures, far too expensive to let others make the final decision for you. Its always easy to spend somebody elses' money, less risks too My advice is that you wouldn't pay four figures for a car without a test drive in it first, so the same would apply here with these speakers, take the time to listen to both for yourself and see what will work for you the best in the type of gigs and venues which you cover.
  2. Hopefully you are speaking as a genuine customer of this business and you've bought one of these items from the Ebay Sennheiser seller that you've actively linked to and had the product which you purchased from them independently verified as a fake?. I only mention it, as if he is a business, and comes across your comments on google and decides to that the comments you have made are false, defamatory or are otherwise untrue, it can get pretty expensive if you are wrong and can't provide any independant proof to defend the comments which you made publicly, if he decided to escalate the matter t
  3. Sadly its also an opinion shared by some clients and members of the public. Its also an opinion sometimes shared by venue managers when they decide to get 'Jack' the Barman to double as a DJ in order to save some money on hiring in their normal resident. Its also an opinion shared by some Newbie Dj's who buy their first set of equipment and think that they are fully fledged, fully experienced Wedding Dj's or think they can host a Karaoke night, when in essence they haven't yet got the experience to do either, nor have they gone out to seek it. In some cases the phrase 'Anybody can DJ
  4. Hi and welcome to DJU :welcome: There are some discussions on these from years gone by, which may be of some help to you in deciding? (Looks like there are about 6 pages worth) If you click on the link below, it will take you to the search page, if you type in UL15 or Peavey UL15 in the top box and then select 'www.dj-forum.co.uk' it will fetch all of the posts and topics where these have been mentioned or discussed. Click here to visit the Forum search engine I'm sure that others will be along to give their advice on this thread too, but in the meantime, enjoy the read
  5. Here is an interesting idea for an experiment. Many people here are also members of non-dj related subject forums covering their other interests, and purely filled with ordinary, everyday non-dj'ing members of the public If permitted within those communities then why not start a discussion / poll in the off topic areas of these forums, asking people to vote or post on how much they feel a Dj is worth and their expectations of a fee, should they wish to book one for a given example function. If different examples are given for each occasion, such as Wedding, Family Function, P
  6. Yep the industry is getting the crap kicked out of it at the moment, and whilst I accept that some areas and markets are doing okay, I also think that many others are still reluctant to shirk off bravado and admit it to the depths of the honesty which you have done, just how bad it is in some places, even though they are / maybe equally affected. We can all join hands, avoid talking about the negatives and think happy-happy thoughts and sing Kumbaya... and hope that things will change (and turn a blind eye to them), but I doubt that they will, and I seriously doubt the rise in popularity
  7. If you read both of the sites that you linked to, then you will know that the facilities offered by these machines far outweigh those offered by a conventional serviced Jukebox. Namely, the Mediatheme offers:- Jukebox / Disco / Bakground Music with 13,000 fully licensed original music tracks Karaoke - Again with over 10k Popular Karaoke Tracks, provided by a well known Karaoke Disc manufacturer used by a lot of KJ's Video Disco - Over 10k Popular Music tracks from different eras with their original videos Racenights - pubs can run their own racenights, whenever they li
  8. So you see the role of a Dj, as being a vehicle purely to increase the revenue of a Pub? Don't other aspects of a Pub, all play a part in its success, and its attraction rather than just its choice of DJ?. A DJ is not a magic pill, if the venue serves crap food, has a reputation for violence or trouble or just has staff which are rude to its customers, I doubt the choice of DJ will make much difference, even if (s)he booked one of the Dj's who constantly wear their underpants over their trousers. There are lots of reasons why a venue may not attract more clientele, even the ones which h
  9. To try and look at these things without any bias and as a tool rather than a threat, I can see that they weren't the brainchild of somebody who was completely anti-Dj and thought it up out of spite as a means to put DJ's out of business, and I can also see many other benefits that this system brings, which we can't possibly provide, any one of which may stand as a good reason for venues to invest in one. I doubt any venue has chosen this system purely to cut us out of the equation, they are also good marketing tools, and playing music is only 1/12th of what these systems provide, so try and lo
  10. Sadly we live in an era of recession and price increases on everything from Fuel to Water, people are more keen to shop around on price and more likely to 'compare the Dj' than perhaps a few years ago when Jobs were slightly more secure, and cash was perhaps a little more on the hip. If the lower end of the market didn't exist, neither would the budget end of our industry thats about as simple and logical as it gets, they exist in order to simply fulfill a public demand, nothing more nothing less. Its the public you need to (re)educate, not the Dj's and I reckon you'll get old, grey and b
  11. Dukesy

    The Music Game

    Van Morrison - BROWN eyed girl
  12. I agree entirely, provided the client knows what they need. Often I find that they want to be advised by the experienced entity that they are talking to, or simply don't give a damn beyond those immortal words 'how much' The danger of giving the client too much responsiblity in critical aspects of rigs, is that they will choose with their wallets rather than their experience or desires, and some clients inevitably end up choosing your cheaper 200w minimalistic set up, and then invite along 500 friends to the large town hall they've booked, and it will be you who looks unprofessional when
  13. I've had clients asking me to avoid using too much Disco Lighting before now, prefering to just have colour changers or ambient uplighting, rather than dancefloor type DMX effects. For a while, the 'subtle' lighting approach was pretty popular amongst my client base during Summer 2009 weddings. But i've never had a client mention a minimum of equipment. In rural Derbyshire, a minimalistic approach is often dictated by the size of the venue. Quaint 17th century halls and olde world inns might be loved by American tourists, but they are a real pain to work in with lighting rigs, having unev
  14. Well, if it works, chances are the additional work that you get from it will outweigh the cost of the freebie that you do from the prize draw. Sure it can sometimes backfire, and you have to honour the prize, but even so, you could spend a similar amount as the cost to you of attending a 'free' gig on a nice advert and also get zero results. You also have to maximise the potential of it, so make sure you get their contact details on the entry ticket, so that you can follow it up with a phone call to all enterants shortly after you actually do the draw. You can legitimately do this on the
  15. Pretty much the same as paying to advertise in the local paper then?, or the Yellow Pages? or a Wedding Directory? or a DJ comparison site? - they take your money and nothing is guaranteed?. Tell me the methods of advertising that are? At the end of the day, if somebody recommends you, and the person actually rings you, then they have done their job and earned their 'commission' - its not their fault that you didn't manage to hook the client and secure the booking If you pay to reply to a requirement on Goodparty and the client never gets back to you, do you get the fee back?. Didn
  16. Looks to be a genuine offer as its backed by Google and BT, but with all of these things, keep an open mind . But if you don't have a current web presence then it could be better than nothing, especially as it comes with some simple to use site builder templates, so you could easily get your business online reasonably quickly and for nothing. http://www.gbbo.co.uk/ Of course even if you have a main website, it might be worth a second site and domain to boost your persence - after all, its free. Worst case is that at the end of the 2 year free period you have to pay a premium
  17. I'd be surprised if there was any link to be honest. I've had mixed results from both bargain fayres and also top brass ones, and vice versa. Far better to ask and research where these events are being promoted. Are they being pushed often on the local radio?, advertised for several weeks in advance in all of the local papers?, advertised in the major Bridal Magazines?, or are the events company just going to string up a banner outside the hotel and a couple of signs up the night before on the main road through the town. Wise money gets invested in the events which are heavily public
  18. My comment wasn't aimed at anybody or quoting anybodies post in particular, just a general opinion. Agents tend to get a bad press from Dj's and in some cases its well deserved when they either don't pay up, or are worse at running their businesses or cementing the three way paperwork than the Dj's they are supposed to represent. However, there is a trend sometimes for Dj's to expect something for nothing , lots of talk promoting the fact that DJ's should be raising the bar and charging more and not competing constantly on price, yet when a Dj is paying out for something that philo
  19. That would only imply a problem if your clients were going to your competitors and asking for their business cards. In which case, yes you do have potential problems but the similarity of the cards are the least of them, compared to potential loss of business or a dutch auction which will inevitably follow BTW - Seen the new Vistaprint.TV ads?
  20. I thought part of the protocol of being in the Lodge was not to disclose the fact to all and sundry. Now here you are promoting the fact on a forum with 670k hits a month :devil: Sadly, this is actually probably quite accurate in some areas. Although i'd have dressed it up as being business gratuities in return for loyalty to my business rather than backhanders. Thats what makes the world go round, many reps take their business clients to lunch every time they call in on them, or get them a bottle of scotch at Xmas, its what makes the world go around, and these are certainly m
  21. If you can't beat 'em join them. Maybe we should be paying venue managers a commission to pass on work to us, like we pay an agent. Similar principle, and a fair monetary exchange for services rendered. Or if you don't want to seem tacky, offer to do a handful of 'staff' gigs during the year at a reduced fee / freebie in return for a few grands worth of bookings as their prefered supplier. At the moment, venues are having to reduce prices of their Wedding Packages in order to create custom and compete with the venue over the way. Its not surprising that they are trying to recoup the
  22. I find that the majority of blown bulbs seem to happen during the winter, when lights are taken from a cold van into a steaming hot venue. Condensation or basic thermal shock to the glass and filament plays a big part in reducing the life of lamps, as does moving them around too soon after a gig before they've cooled down. Using the effect in the correct position is also advised as some lamps, especially projection types are senstive to which way the filament is positioned. So many Dj's i've seen at work seem to use their effects upside down, or positioned on speakers where the vibration
  23. Lots of interest in LED's lights on the forum at the moment as Dj's consider making the change. If you do decide to take the plunge don't forget the obligatory DJ porn, in the form of high resolution photos of the lights at a gig
  24. I agree with the prediction that 2011 is looking like a non event in the form of a good flow of work. Yes, i've got my regular events and a few corporate events in the South, but the Wedding industry is stagnant this year, in fact forward bookings are even fewer than last year. I cling on to the hope that people are just leaving it later to arrange their Weddings and things will pick up during the spring and summer, but as the weeks roll by I get less and less convinced. 2011, is going to be a real tough year, and I think that those who thought that when 2010 rolled over to 2011 thin
  25. A 2011 intelligent version of the old Par 36 'scanner' at 10x the price http://www.reflex-rockshop.co.uk/ekmps/shops/reflex/images/entertainment-lighting-soundlab-black-30-w-single-head-scanner-lighting-effect-soundlab-lighting-2304-p.jpg Always the risk when buying a new product - you always end up paying a premium price as the manufacturer recoups the R&D costs, its much better to be patient and wait 9 - 12 months or so, when design costs have been covered and prices are tumbling as competition is increasing, and they are about £99 each :joe:
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