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  1. I hope that this is pretty much true of everybody here, but the fact remains that if you are the type of service which isn't a necessity and is perhaps considered a luxury then your type of business is the first to suffer when people tighten their belts. This is the type of business that we are involved with. After all, we are not Tesco selling food, or British Gas selling the means for people to heat their homes during the winter, neither are we the local shell dispensing fuel to enable people to drive their cars to work. In short, we are a service, which people can, and will do without
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum :cheers:
  3. Just wondering how the infamous 'DJ meatmarkets' such as Goodparty and UK Disco are fairing during the downturn in business experienced by some areas during the last 12 months. Anybody still with either or both of these entities (or similar ones)?, do they still provide quality leads?, or these leads in the quantities that they used to provide?, are they largely still providing the fee's which you demand?. Are you still largely happy with the service you are paying for?. Would you recommend them to a friend Please be honest with your replies and experiences.
  4. Done Your display name has been changed as requested. However your login username and password remains the same as before.
  5. More to the point, given you've now been the victim of two drink drivers, do you live near to a pub! Still, i'm glad to finally meet another bloke whose luck is as bad as mine Maybe its fate - telling you its time to move to that little pad in the Country!.
  6. For some reason you already appear to have two accounts on this forum :wall: . Warrington Sound and Light and Warrington Sound and Light Ltd Which one would you like changing, and which would you like deleted?? I hope that you new venture is successful, although as a DJ myself i'm writing off last year, and so far this year isn't exactly looking like a record breaker either and I can't see any green shoots of recovery, and i'm sure other DJ's in various areas will also identify with that. Seems the downturn is affecting all areas of the leisure industry. DJ's
  7. I guess, given the silence, that the original question has got you all just as confused as me I made the post in the hope that somebody could fill in at least part of the answer, or offer some pearls of wisdom or ground breaking new idea, in relation to how to get more bookings in 2011, and potentially make it more successful than 2010 was, 'cos I don't have all of the answers. Obviously i'm not alone
  8. Thanks for the information. I'm guessing that given the comment relating to scheduling a call, that you either work for them, or know somebody who does?. If my assumption is correct, why not perhaps have a word with somebody within the company and perhaps have a page on the website advertising their ability to insure DJ's and such?. This seems to work well with DJ related pli companies like Musicguard - who have built a whole successful business model around insuring entertainers for pli, and like Robster stated earlier, there could be a whole profitable little niche here for them to tap
  9. Have you tried Terralec for a spare motor?. http://www.terralec.co.uk/ They used to be one of the main distributors of Geni products. No idea if they still do, but they may have some spares around. Also try Electrovision:- http://www.altai.co.uk/ They sell various weird and wonderful spares, and might be able to offer a 24V motor close to the specification you need. Another suggestion is Rotalink. Although they largely deal with trade manufacturers, they do on occasion, sell one off's to end customers. I think Constella used to use their motors in most of their effects
  10. This is easily remedied. The viewing choice can be selected in your individual profile. Click on the 'options' box at the top right hand side of the thick blue bar just above the first post in the forum topic heading. From the drop down menu - under the heading 'display modes', click the 'Switch to Standard' option. All should then return to normal . Funnily enough, the M.U had plenty to say, when the Insurance Company 'Swiftcover', used Iggy Pop as a front man to advertise their insurance services. Iggy was shown to be stating that he insured with 'Swiftcover' and so endo
  11. I was surprised to learn from the above that Denon have a controller which integrates with Laptop / PC based equipment. I remember one Denon representative once locking horns on a regular basis with various Laptop / PC users on forums some years ago, and pouring scorn on their choice of media playout. Now Denon actively appear to be embracing the same technology and offering PC based compatibility from some of their products ?. How times change. Do any of these media players offer the facility to use a standard Keyboard to assist with music searching?
  12. Unfortunately, whilst our own unique version of the 'paperless billing' / zero contract policy continues in this industry, clients and venues alike are always going to exploit it and perhaps view us as a second rate industry, who can be bought, sold, bartered and cancelled at will - their will. We are now just the Leisure industries' Eunuch aren't we!!!!??? As you have found, there is only one loser in this equation - the DJ. Or in this case, 2 DJ's, as your mate is also let down by them. Had either of you, got the details in writing, or at least taken a deposit, then you would
  13. Woke up this Morning to a brand new year, and also the news that overnight, Petrol and Diesel had been increased, by yet another duty rise. On the 4th Jan, yet another increase at the pumps, is expected in line with the 2.5% increase in VAT. So thats an anticipated 3p per litre increase in 4 days!, and by the time its rounded up and the retailers have all added their bit, no doubt when it gets to us, it will be nearer 4p Around here, Diesel is already £1.30 per litre, costing me nearly £90 to fill the tank, in some more rural parts, its closer to £1.34. Last Xmas, accordin
  14. In addition to my earlier post above. Anybody who thinks that the Police randomly won't / don't check occupations of drivers against their insurance documents at the side of the road, or who thinks that lying about (any of) their occupation(s) in order to reduce the policy cost won't be treated with the same penalties as having no insurance if discovered, would be best advised to read this independant post on another forum. http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=57824 Given that we drive late at night, can often be seen pulling out from pub and hotel car parks and have lots an
  15. £20 worth is unlikely to be stopped. However note that when you import something worth more than £18 from outside of Europe, then its highly likely to be stopped at customs and this means having VAT and Import Duty added to the value of it. In addition to this, a lot of carrier companies will also charge you an Admin fee, in order to deal with the customs of your behalf, so remember to factor this into the equation with any 'Chinese Bargain' A friend of mine bought something worth £200 from the U.S - by the time the Customs had added VAT and Import Duty onto it, and he'd paid Fed-Ex their
  16. Getting a class action aginst a company isn't as easy here as it is in the U.S. Far easier to just use consumer law against them and individually make complaints through the relevant consumer channels. I wrote a recorded delivery letter to the local Trading Standards Office in Co Durham - where Airwer is based. They wrote back and advised me to send a complaint to Consumer Direct. http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/ They've since come back and asked for more information, so i've sent them proof that i'm a customer in the form of my original invoice, and copies of their recent emai
  17. This has been covered and discussed quite a few times in the past. I would venture that quite a few DJ's and entertainers are tempting fate (alongside 6 penalty points and a huge fine) by risking the social, domestic and pleasure aspect whilst conveying equipment to / from gigs as part of their business, or are just driving with generic business policies and burying their head in the sand, convinced that as long as they have the piece of paper needed to tax their car, they'll be okay. I wouldn't listen to what these other DJ's say they are doing either or be tempted to follow their exampl
  18. Thank goodness Cameo hasn't made a come back! Imagine the Word Up!
  19. What a nice invitation! But the only 'problem' I can really see with this though, is if (DJ) Santa then has to take off the red and white suit in front of primary school aged children in order to "DJ", or the kiddie winks seeing Santa operate the decks....might be cool for some, but shattering the illusion of who Father Christmas is....is he really also a spinner?! As for the copper, his loss. :tree:
  20. Suggestion wise, how about "I Can't Believe It's Shaun's Mobile Disco"? smile icon
  21. Looks like they still aren't . I don't know why, i've done a few searches around the forum and there are some Peavey related discussions, but a large number of them seem to all contain a common theme and that is in relation to comments about how heavy they are :fright: . Maybe Dj's are looking for a lighter option?. My own limited experience of Peavey were of the Hi-Sys vintage, and yes they filled the 'heavy' category with honours :shocking: . Reasonable speakers, but Boy could they warrant a painful lifetime of back problems all by themselves. Do Peavey offer a decent powe
  22. I think DJ's on the whole have the right to charge for whatever they wish, the problem begins when its considered by the client to be a 'hidden' charge or they get lumbered with a fee at a later date, that wasn't disclosed on the original contract. I don't see how any client would have an issue with it, provided it was clearly explained and pointed out to them at quote stage BEFORE they committed to a booking. This way, they are free to continue to find another DJ who doesn't levy such a charge, if they really do not wish to pay it. So in order to stay on the right side of the client
  23. Snow / Cold Weather tyres are great, its just that with an average of 15 years' history of Mild Winters behind us that drivers felt that spending £500+ on an additional set of tyres was a bit too much for the 5 days of the year that it actually snowed. Cold Season tyres are much softer rubber compound and so also wear frighteningly quickly at running temperatures above 7c / 8c - which in the UK can also be reached for long stretches of milder Winter days. Meaning more hassle from regular swapping and changing over of all 4 tyres. Its only the last 2 years that UK Winters have been especia
  24. There are lots of DJ / Mixing Software out there for this line of work, why are you limiting your choice to only two of them?. You do mention a couple of them in your post, but they don't appear in your shortlist (PCDJ being one example). Just wondering how you'd narrowed them all down to purely two possibilities is all.
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