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  1. As usual, forum poll votes can't be linked to individual members either by me, your bank manager, your other half or the Inland Revenue .
  2. Thats a very good point. But its also amazing how many DJ's operate in the same manner, publishing only mobile numbers or 'throw away' webmail addresses like Gmail or Hotmail on their literature or websites.
  3. If you use a laptop for music playback, then you may want to research the Pro-Dub license. http://www.produb.co.uk Using music which has been converted from Vinyl or Cd to digital format requires the purchase of a Pro-Dub license to remain on the right side of the law. There may be a concession if your work is related to Educational establishments, is charitable or voluntary, but sadly i've never heard of one being granted, but its worth taking that question to them and ask. However if your music is downloaded from legal downloaded sources and kept in its original downloaded for
  4. Depends on whether you will be strictly limiting the future usage of your new speakers to the Bedroom and won't ever be tempted to take them out to a house party / gig them again . As you've found, the differences between monitoring use at home, and the volumes required even at a house party with the levels cranked are both very different requirements. So the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want strictly Home Use Speakers or speakers capable of doing a small gig (ie, the occasional houseparty). Monitoring Speakers won't take a lot of bass and cheap speakers wo
  5. Depends on the reasons. If a 100% hike was done purely to boost their profits, whilst there would be no wrongdoing on their part, but quite rightly it could be frowned upon and criticised. However if the price has gone up in relation to an increase in their expenditure and running costs, then its a different kettle of fish. When fuel goes up to £10 a gallon, and a big brother to the Pro_Dub License has appeared costing us £1 per track played, we'd probably also need to double our prices too . It wouldn't be profiteering, it would be survival because we couldn't absorb such a rise out of
  6. Be very careful if you are on the road tonight (Thursday) and in the morning. Temperatures are forecast to drop to -18c in most parts, with lower than -22c forecast for Scotland and areas with large amounts of snow. Even treated roads can become dangerous at these temperatures, when melted snow / frost freezes again and becomes ice. Once any lying snow freezes as well, Chaos will reign. Buxton is virtually cut off at the moment with all of the Peak District roads pretty much closed. Just going into Town requires a 4WD Vehicle, and even then its very tricky. Of course, the Council Gritters
  7. Why is it, that discussions relating to Dj's charging higher fee's is often encouraged here and meets with praise and honours, yet complaints reign when other businesses decide to do the same and follow our lead . As with anything else, review the situation, gauge the usefulness of a service versus its actual cost, and if you are in the money then its worthwhile, if not don't pay it and vote with your feet. Its not obligatory. I wonder how the Dj's of old managed to earn (quite a good) living before these services came along. In my own opinion, I find it strange that GoodParty
  8. This can largely be attributed to client apathy. Give them a blank canvas and they don't know what to write. Inevitably their thoughts turn to what music / requests were played because they don't have a clue what else you are looking for. The same applies to a lot of DJ's, ask them to write a detailed descriptive directory entry advertising their business and they are often lost and don't bother - I know from experience as i've tried to get them to do it . The same applies to contracts - a lot of Dj's don't know where to start creating one and probably explains why some won't bother. Ho
  9. Looks like Scotland, the North East Coastline and Yorkshire are getting a pasting by snow at the moment, with half a metre of lying snow in some areas, and many roads and even motorway stretches currently closed. Anybody had problems getting to gigs / gigs cancelled due to the weather this past weekend? The bad news is, that Snow is forecast to be creeping into the South as we speak and by Tuesday is likely to bring disruption to nearly all parts of the UK and Ireland by mid week, and likely to continue for the next 10 - 14 days. :scared:
  10. A PAT test is unlikely to find anything in relation to this problem, it comes down to the design of the power supply. All a PAT test is likely to find is a breakdown in appliance isolation, wiring faults and disconnected earths. In laymans terms, part of the design in a switch mode power supply contains a high voltage transistor which is switched on/off many times per second - anything from around 50 on / off cycles per second to many thousand times per second. In a cheap unscreened design or one which hasn't been suppressed properly this rapid on/off action can lead to problems with inte
  11. Probably had a basic switch mode power supply in it, as opposed to a more conventional linear unit. The problem with cheaper power supply units is that they can cause interference, either through the mains or by RF. It can also be an indication that the power supply is on the way out, usually caused by capacitors leaking or 'drying' out Obviously the smaller / cheaper units become, the fewer components used and corner cutting, leading to similar issues, where sound systems are concerned. For hissing problems, a noise gate can be useful which fits between the line out of the mixer and
  12. Surely that is part of the reason why we would send them out?, to get constructive criticism to see where we can improve our service or have suggestions made, which we may not have thought of?. There is a big difference between what constitutes a usable, entirely positive 'testimonial' and asking a client for honest feedback Did you also word the feedback form on the basis of looking for feedback only in relation to the business / professionalism aspect of the function, and in relation to how their function was handled rather than the music?. You can also use multiple choice boxes a
  13. I find moonflowers much more flexible for private functions, and small - medium sized venues. They are much more directional and controllable for venues where you might be facing or offset towards the audience, and with scans its hard to stop light spill hitting seated guests in the eyes. Clubs / Pubs are one thing, private functions are another not everybody there wants to dance and not everybody will appreciate the disco or be interested in us. They just might want to sit for 4 or 5 hours unmolested by the Dj's lightshow and be able to look across at the person opposite them without 250
  14. Another vote for the SM58 here. A great all round performer and fairly robust for all types of work and its been the microphone of choice for many for decades.
  15. Please give your feedback on your experience of using LED based lighting effects. Please also add any review or experiences (positive and negative) in relation to your own LED effects on the thread.
  16. Unfortunately, just as there exists cowboy and fly by night Dj's, so do exist Cowboy and Fly by night agents. A cautionary tale.... When I ran DJ@ a member reported to me one agent who ripped off him as well as a lot of DJ's and Artists by taking money from the client and then not paying the engaged artist. Amazingly they managed to evade any real legal action for almost 4 years, and in that time must have made a huge profit, whilst actively recruiting more artists and the number of unpaid victims continued to grow Inevitably, legal action eventually followed instigated by Equit
  17. I'd just carry around another Amplifier. If weight is a big issue then just get one of the 1U / 2U Lightweight amplifiers :shrug: I carry around spares of just about everything, including speakers, which I was very glad of, when one my Bose L1's decided to quit during background music at a function, 210 miles away from home. Even with the presence of various pieces of back up equipment, I manage to fit it all into the back of a large-ish 4x4 with some creative planning, so an extra amplifier won't really use up much space. If you buy a second hand amplifier then it won't even be th
  18. Yeah, life is tough, business is even tougher, don't offer anything you can't support or a service you can't deliver. Complaints virtually the mirror image to my own have been occurring elsewhere since 2004, as per my quote and the external link. Plenty of time to do a 'u-turn' on their policies, or not be so generous with their terms, or at least restrict them. Since they are advertising 'Free upgrades for life', then even if they do not have the original 2008 file as they profess, I don't see the issue with sending me the new one with includes the upgrades between then and now. Essentia
  19. Thanks. I've got nothing to lose in giving that another go, but no success to date, hence why I requested the original purchased program. All Airwer seem to be intent on doing is trying to flog me the new version However from looking around, it seems like i'm not the only person to fall victim to this companies' poor level of customer service. Be warned, its not just the software that sells a company, its also the quality of their customer service, if ever you should need it. http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/Karaoke_List_Creator/ Seems that their customer service in
  20. Recently, I suffered a hard drive failure, which lost all of the data from it. Fortunately, all of the important stuff was backed up and I was able to re-install 90% of the original content such as customer details and emails, my business accounts, forum back up's etc onto the brand new drive. However, there was a few smaller programs which I hadn't backed up, however I still had the log in / purchase information in my accounts and backed-up activation emails to prove that I was an existing customer and had paid for a licence / full version. No problem with the majority of other software
  21. Interestingly, I spoke to a Wedding Photographer during a friends wedding function, who was packing up and leaving before the Reception ‘First Dance’, saying that he had to get off and start work on the wedding photos, etc, and then possibly return in the evening later. He said he personally found that wedding guests would be snapping away during the night with their digitals anyway, which they did, and I lost count of the number of flashes going off at various positions surrounding the couple for the first dance. Blinding!. I can now see why he’s time and effort was not pitched in ‘comp
  22. I must admit, i'm quite surprised at the results as I often read threads in relation to Website or marketing discussions from DJ's who are almost constantly considering getting / trying a website for their business, but either lack the skills or just the confidence to do a decent job themselves, or maybe just the enthusiasm / time to find the starting point. Fair enough, time is precious so why not outsource the Job?. As Dj's we constantly moan and complain when clients take the path of cheapest resistance and cut corners by hiring and DIY'ing their own parties, or passing it on to the lo
  23. Can anyone confirm if music by the band 'Loose Ends' were featured in an episode of Only Fools and Horses? Someone I know has asked, and I really don't know. Found this CD on Amazon but no 'Loose Ends' featured. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/411K7Y67E5L._SL500_AA300_.jpg Track listing Disc: 1 1. Holding Back The Years - Simply Red 2. Tainted Love - Soft Cell 3. Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners 4. House Of Fun - Madness 5. Ghost Town - Sepcials 6. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears 7. Sometimes - Erasure 8. The Only Way Is Up -
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