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  1. hello People Im involved with a bunch of companies and we are organising a wedding fair as a collective group in Epsom area of surrey. We are looking to have about 20 companies to each put in for an equal share. There will only be 1 of each trade to give you maximum exposure unless of course you wanted more than 1.Each trade gets a choice of how many others there will be so its all fair. Doing jobs over the last 6 months ive spoken to other people and the only ones that seem to be having a good time in the recession are companies doing weddings which is the reaso
  2. Hello people This is an interesting topic. I DJ and i also work for an events company. Last year was bad for both of us but some companies seem to be working well in this industry. I think a lot is down to marketing as im not a salesman but ive now been doing research and looking in to actually marketing and sales to promote my DJ work and the events company. There seems to be work around and a lot of large corporate events but its just getting them. I also spent a few years living in Spain a while back and a tip i picked up there as most of the EX pats have 'lots of fi
  3. Happy new year people Ive had my website for a year now and only getting in to google on obscure or 'long tailed searches' i also work for an events company that do their own website and knows quite a bit about this. The website needs to have relevant updated content preferably not stolen from other website. But Mr google could take a long time getting you up in the top unles you pay. There are a lot of sites you can put your website on for free (or a reciprocal link) which i have done and i do get some enquiries from these.
  4. Hello I didnt think i needed a laser light but saw another DJ with one on a job i wasnt dj ing and it looked pretty cool. I did Ebay from China for £20 all in so if it was crap all i lost was £20... its the best light ive got and everyone loves it where i go and my daughter wants one for her bedroom !!!!!. It has such a large beam range aswell and looks good with high ceilings pointing up or low ceiling down to the floor. Andy
  5. :ads: Hello People Im new to this site but been doing discos for a while now.Im not an expert I work for an events company been doing that for just over 6 years and the disco is my sideline as an addition to what we do.I have my own website and do get my own disco work. Not sure how much info everyone wants to know but i run a netbook through an amp into 4speakers, 2 of which are soundlabs and the other 2 are old ones ive had for years.I used to play in a band years ago and the amp and old speakers are from the band i bought 2 large soundlabs to give it
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