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  1. I agree with Harry Connick & Michael Buble also Norah Jones is good as are the numerous Easy Listening - various artists CD's with those type of compilations you can just stick them on & let them run
  2. With the language thing it really depends if adults are going to be there my daughter is nearly 15 & loves dance stuff (anything David Guetta ish) rap & r n b. If it was her 16th she would expect the unedited versions as would most 16 year olds, if its a 13th then yes be more careful what you play. I did a 16th & asked for a play list & they asked for mostly chart stuff but a couple of months later I did a 17th & they wanted all rock AC/DC etc, so definately get a list & I wouldn't rely on a parent as quite often they don't 100% know what there kids are in to.
  3. I have been in Hard To Find Records today to pick up some bits & pieces & got talking to 1 on the guys & he told me that Technics have decided to stop selling & producing turntables! Apparently the parent company Panasonic can no longer get the parts manufactured to the quality they require & with sales falling they have decided to withdraw from the market. They have long been regarded as the top turntable for dj's & Panansonic have decided that they don't want to lower their quality so have called time on the production. Not sure of the time scale on this but
  4. To all you oldies out there who may remember when Citronic were the best kit you could buy, I've just got hold of a mint condition Avon II console to play around with at home :) Everything works fine not bad for a piece of kit thats over 20 years old, will be interesting to see how much of today's "top kit" is still working in 20 years I'll post some pics up when I get a chance Any recommendations for cartridges for general play & mixing would be appreciated, it's been a while since I bought any not sure whats good out there at the moment :)
  5. Hi Derek, thanks for the welcome Dudley is the same as ever although these days there's very little that goes on around here gone are the days of 2 or 3 clubs in the town & good nights out. California sounds good I worked in Fresno for a while in the late 80's but wasn't impressed with that city, I did love San Diego though :)
  6. Being of the age where I've lived through most decades from the 70's onwards I have most stuff on vinyl/CD & mp3. I have to admit like 1 of the other guys said I prefer an actual physical CD to just a download but if I have to download I use Amazon. 1 thing I do recommend if you only use a laptop is back up your entire music library onto a portable hardrive they are quite cheap these days.
  7. I have used both I used VDJ with a Hercules controller then last year changed to a Vestax controller that had Traktor bundled with it. for ease of use I would say VDJ has the edge I find I have to use a mouse more with Traktor & VDJ seemed more intuative to use. As 1 of the other guys said depends what you want it for if you want more features like karaoke go the VDJ route. And definately keep a laptop just for music & djing :)
  8. Thanks guys, my daughter has been coming along with me for about 4 years got her carrying things right from the start so she knows what its like, I have taken her to the BPM show the last couple of years & last year Vestax had 2 female dj's working their stand & 1 of them took time to have a chat to her which was great & prompted her to ask for a mixer for Christmas. Looks like she might be djing at her mates birthday party soon, Dad will be there to help but I remember my first gig & I'm sure she will be nervous, shes practising like mad at the moment :)
  9. Hi people. New on here but been djing since I was 14 at the local youth club in Dudley the mid 70's. There was quite a few dj's around Dudley at that time in Martins on the High Street for new 12" singles & Barry James records for the Northern stuff. Des Mitchell, Dave Higgins, Alan Gilbert are all guys who I grew up with & who all started djing at around the same time. Ran a mobile disco with my old school buddy Chris which was called Signs we sold the equipment in the early 80's so he could start up his own business. I then teamed up with Alan Gilbert(who is well known in N
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