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  1. I use a 4ft Ultimax SUMO - its slightly different to the Ultimax DJ stands as its slanted, but the wheels are great - its as solid as a rock - it came with x2 4.5ft truss, but i just use one. £100 second hand - well worth it - 2 minutes to put up too. Just reading backwards in this thread after my post - these look great - any idea where to get one and how much?
  2. £300 should get you a good pair of active speakers, certainly a better option than having some £300 passives with a weakish amp, as the inbuilt amps and speakers are perfectly matched. Some quite good options out there - W-audio PSR15As are a good option and seem to have settled at £300 a pair second hand. Or if you reach to £500 youre into second hand MAckie SRM450s and everything at that level.
  3. Im selling my ex cabs for a mate who used to work for me. around 18 months years old and probably only used less than 20 times - they still smell new! come with excellent padded covers that can even be left on when in use. Great cabs, fairly heavy, but will serve anyone well. pick up from bolton/Manchester PM me if interested. looking around £300 - these are £700 ish new.
  4. im looking to get into a few fayres this year - but the differences in prices are staggering - ones in Bolton are £250-350 whilst prestigous ones in Liverpool are £100. Has anyone ever noticed more bookings from paying more from your stand?
  5. theres a lot more competition at the moment especially with Sunday Weddings becoming more and more popular - so theyre all trying their best to get business. the prestige venues seem still to be doing well - up here anyway - but getting regular work at them is difficult - found one this week where a client had booked us only to be told she can only use the venues 'recommended suppliers'!
  6. i use 123print - good quality - rapid delivery - think i got 100 gloss of my own design delivered for under £10.
  7. thanks for your opinions - after a bit of deliberation, ive decided to go fora pair of the db12 subs as; 1. theyre small enough not be a pain - ie if i take them to a gig and dont use them its not a massive effort. 2. theres 2 so i can use them asthetically one a side with poles for the tops. 3. theyre small enough to use 1 under the deck stand if needed as a bit of backup rather than using both. i think theyre more than loud enough when coupled with the Mackies for all of the gigs. looking forward to them.
  8. i dont agree with the owner taking a cut. ive no problem with venues arranging weddings and charging clients one price and giving me less as theyre doing the promotional work. I would have thought having you working there as a top dj that the owner wants there would be reward enough for him as it helps his venue look better and gets it a better reputation, and as a result more bookings in the future. its a bit cheeky him asking for a cut in my opinion, but if its a nice venue you enjoy doing then it may be worth it (and you can convince him otherwise in the meantime).
  9. look forward to seeing the video - any small, well priced,bright LED moving head is good news.
  10. thats a great idea - hosting your own nights - also youll have a more appreciative crowd who actually want t listen to rock (and wont myther you for 'tinie Tempah' ot 'n-dubz'!!) you may get other work and weddings off the back of that.
  11. i run vdj 6 with vista no problem - only ever had it freeze once in 3 years. very reliable. i think i got it to replace OTS as at the time OTS didnt do a Vista version, and highly recommend it.
  12. as mentioned above christenings are funny things - its daytime, people are that up for a party, theyre not drunk (well not to start with!) so its hard to 'create' a party atmosphere. a lot of guests disappear during the afternoon, the main aspect to remember is there will be lots of kids, so have a lot of current kids party songs ready to keep them happy. good luck
  13. I seem to be getting a lot of these directories listing me without my knowledge at the moment. I went down the goodparty route of paying for leads etc and to be honest i didnt enjoy it, so wont be paying for similar site leads.
  14. I am more than happy with my SRM450 V2's - great sound, output and unbelievable light and easy to carry. I am considering having an active sub on 'standby' (for emergencies only where the room is huge). I have 2 options - splash out on a quality active sub (but its money i dont need to spend really) or find a cheap active sub. I only really want 1 sub if possible. For expensive route i was looking down the new mackie route - but theyre fairly big and as i use an ultimax stand having just one would look out of place and i couldnt fit under the stand to hide it. Has any
  15. just an update - i managed to suss out it was the diaphragm itself (by swapping for the working unit in the other speaker. i have replaced the diaphragm with a 22XT+ kit for £45. Must say though - the original horn at first listen seems better and louder? All sorted now though - cheers.
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