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  1. hi, my old friend is trying to figure out how we can get 2 4ohm speakers per channel. they are peavey hisys 2xt. i know who to wire speakers in series to double the ohms which would bring the total to 8 ohms. But how would this be done with speakon connectors? im baffled he wants a setup that can easyly reversed if he needs too rather than changing the internal wiring or is this the only way? please help
  2. sorry probably my fault for not explaining it very well. :hurt: :sad:
  3. i did say in my first post the mixer was faulty, needed a new switch :yes: funny how annoying things can be created by ones accident :aa
  4. thats put a smile on my face :joe:
  5. yep. would i be right in thinking that active speakers will pick up more noise than passive ones due to the length of line level cable? also wouldnt xlr cable help because its balanced and better screening?
  6. hi, as the title says has anyone got any reveiws on the warrior audio L300p? i brought a pair until i can save up for better but will they do enough on their own or will i need bins? and are they reliable? i was drawn to them because they sound good, their small enough to get in the car and light weight. :shrug:
  7. hi, yea i tried taking the cortex out but no difference. anyway think ive gotton to the problem. tried the beringer, and sucess!, a little noise but only heard when no music playing and everythings turned right up. to be honest the fans in my scanners make more noise. tried his cortex 3000 with my kam mixer and noise. opened up my mixer and i had bridged the switch for line and phone on one channel with solder by mistake when i replaced switch. cleaned it up an again sucess but again just a little noise. then i thought maybe its the jack leads picking up interference, so i tried xlr
  8. hi all, thanks for your replys. ive tried a ground loop on the cortex outputs an this helped a little with the noise, tried it on the output from mixer to speakers and didnt make a difference. no lift switch to try also the distortion concerns me only on the cortex. i got a mates behringer vmx1000 to try tomorrow to with my system at least that way i can rule out the cortex. out of interest has anyone had a compatability problem with kam mixers? my mate runs a numark c1 with 2 cortex an not a problem.
  9. well were still good mates so we can still chat about stuff but im the one usualy with the ideas and elecrical knollege :joe: got my missus to help out and a good mate if i find it to hard on my own (i must add my mate would be a cheaper option lol) thanks everyone
  10. thanks, i will be covering norfolk and suffolk once im all sorted and fixed
  11. thanks for the reply, i had that problem before on audio with a faulty power supply so that was one of my ideas. but i tried a new power supply and doesnt do any difference. oh and it is an external 1 (6v 2000mA)
  12. hi, ive just started doing mobile discos on my own after a few years with working with someone. i have just gone and spent lots an lots of pennys and have encounted a big headache. i will appoligise for the long post but like to explain things in detail this is what i got on the audio side: 1 kam kap1000 mixer 1 kam khd2000 hard drive player 1 cortex hdc1000 hardrive player 2 warrior l300 active speakers. 6mtr x2 jack cable (mixer to each speaker) custom flight case the story behind the mixer was i got it 2nd hand because 1 channel was not working. turns out it was jus
  13. hi, im jason, just gone sole after a few years of working with someone and starting out on my own doing mobile discos
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