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  1. Hi there, I have a Cerwin Vega CVA115 that I use with 2 Yamaha DXR12's. My confusion is with setting up the sub. I have a 'Hi Pass to thru' button that has 4 settings, and I also have a 'variable low pass' control. I can't seem to hear much difference whatever setting the 'Hi Pass' is set to. Can someone please explain in simple terms what these 2 controls do so I know what I'm listening out for? This is all new stuff and sounds great even with the Hi Pass set to 'bypass' (see, it even sounds confusing)..and the low pass set to about the midway point. Thanks Neil.
  2. Thanks for your reply Gadget, I'll print off the manual, handy to have to hand anyway! Last question....Honest!!! I have seen some Peavey 115 Series 111 speakers that I was thinking of getting to go with mine. These definitely have Black widows in them! My question is, these speakers are 400w RMS and 8 Ohm. If I add them to my HiSys 2 XT's, my amp then gives out 450w per channel....will they be man enough? Does the 450w per cahnnel get shared between the speakers? Thanks all
  3. Got the Peavey amp. Now, it states that it gives 450w at 4 Ohms and 600 at 2 Ohms, but makes no mention of 8 Ohms. Does that mean it's not suitable for a pair of 8 Ohm speakers? If not, if I buy another pair of 8Ohms and connect them to the existing ones, will I be ok then?? It's lke my own little problem page isn't t? Thanks!
  4. Yes, I did get them on ebay. I have contacted the seller and he is not aware of any changes, he said he's never had the covers off. To be honest, having seen the build up of dust and muck behind the covers I do believe him. I've cleaned them up and painted the grills and they look like new now, so I'm going to listen to them with the new amp and see how they perform before I do anything. If I don't think they sound right, I may just sell them as they weren't expensive and replace them. I may buy an extra pair anyhow so I have 4 speakers and more power as I'd then be down to 4 Ohms,
  5. Thanks again chaps! I have just signed up with DJ PLI....Bargain!! I did have to think of a name for my disco, so from now on I'm 'Galaxy Entertainment'. Suggestions for a slogan welcome. 'for a night that's out of this world' etc etc. I have found a pair of NJD 250w lights with a flight case and controller which I will get. Almost there now, just need speaker stands and I'm ready. Oh, and a lighting stand I guess! Thanks to everyone that chipped in to help with all my questions!
  6. Hi again... Right, I've just taken out the drivers on my speakers and there is no mention of BW or any Peavey identification...looks like I'll be going back to the seller. Not sure what I can do about it, but they were specifically advertised as BW equipped. When the amp arrives, I'll see how they sound before I decide what to do. I picked up a booking at a hotel for a school PTA summer Ball. Went to see the venue today and it's quite a size. 150 people sitting down to dinner and a dance floor, so the 250w lights will be needed. Last question....I weighed the speakers as advi
  7. Thanks everyone for your help. It does seem odd that only one speaker has an eq switch. I'd better check that they are both as they were described and actually have the black widows in them. Anyone know how to tell if they are black widows? I bought a Peavey PV1200 amp. Immaculate condition and I believe gives 2 x 270w in to 8 Ohms. It will go down to 2 Ohms, so I have plenty of room to add more if I feel I need it. I know it's not a new amp, but it seems to get good reviews. Right then, lights....I have seen some NJD projectors..some ar 100w and some are 250w. Will 250w
  8. Thankyou, i have seen a tripod that takes up to 30kg so that should be ok. I'll have a look at the PV amp. Thanks for the advice! By the time I'm done, this should sound pretty good!...then - lights!
  9. Thanks Minty... that's a big help. So with the HiSys 2's I need to look for an amp that will give more 500w in to 8 Ohms? I have just a couple of other questions if anyone owns or has owned hisys 2's.... I can not find any info on the weight of the speakers, so unsure of what stands i need for them. Also, there is a switch on the back of one of the speakers that seems to be an EQ switch...any idea what that does? Thanks again
  10. OK, not sure if anyone is still reading this.... I bought the Hisys 2's. Now we need to change the amp. The speakers are 8 ohm.... I know I can add another 8 ohm pair, but can I ad a 4ohm pair if I get a decent amp? Thanks...
  11. OK, so..... I have 2 options on ebay at the moment. 1, JBL JRX115's or Peavey HiSys2XT with black widows. 2, sell the carlsboro amp and buy either a Behringer EP1500 or a Yamaha P4500. The JBL's and the Yamaha are a bit more money, but which would you recommend from that lot. All of it comes in at under £350. Minty, I will concentrate on playing the right music...I seem to get a fairly good reaction from a mix of 70's Anthems in to 80's disco and party music. Latest addition is Elbow Bones and the Racketeers, A night in New York. Fab!!!! :Thumbup: Anyway, welcome your v
  12. Thanks for the info everyone. Plenty for me to think about. I have had a look at the JBL's you have for sale DJMick, and they do look really nice. How much would they be? If I can get powered speakers, I can sell my amp and use that towards the cost. I'll have a look at shipping costs from Ireland. Thanks again everyone for all your advice.
  13. Oh, and the JBL speakers are JRX115's...are they the decent ones or the duff ones?
  14. Great start to my question. I was wondering about the amp. In the kit that we will be selling there is a JBsystems AX700. Ever heard of them, or are they a bit budget too? On the speaker front, there is a local supplier selling 2nd hand Peavey Messenger Pro 15" and Messenger Pro bass bins. They would be within budget (or just a bit outside it)...any good?
  15. Hi there. I have only just joined the forum, but I have been reading posts over the last few weeks and picked up a lot of info already from many of the regular posters. I used to share equipment with someone as we didn't do many gigs. Now we live too far apart, we are going to sell that lot and I want to buy a new disco (within a fairly tight budget I'm afraid). I don't need BIG...most gigs I would do would be for less than 150 people. So far I have bought from ebay.... twin Denon DND4500 CD's, a Citronic CDM 10:4 Mk2 mixer and a Carlsboro Powerline 500 Amp. The amp gives 2 x
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