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  1. Hi guys,ive just set up a vistaprint website and i was just wondering if you could perhaps have a browse and let me know what you think,its basically just been thrown together at the moment but i will continuing working on it until it looks the muts...any advice would be brilliant as would anything you dont like as im a complete novice at this http://www.subsonicroadshow.co.uk/ Cheers
  2. Numark DM950,get for about 80 quid,you can also get a DM950 usb that has internal souncards built in for a little bit more money....hope this helps
  3. Used the speakers last night at a 30th Birthday party,played to close on a 100 people id say and they sounded amazing, to be honest they kicked like a mule and i got compliments on just how good the sound was by the client at the end of the night,i agree they wouldnt be good for a big venue but anything upto 150 people id say they could handle it quite easily ;-)
  4. to be honest i just use a table out the pub at the minute lol,i do have a 8' goal post setup but everything else just goes on the table anyone got a stand for sale????
  5. Im pretty new to this having only started in november,i used to dj in the early 90's and my god was i surprised how things have changed since then,my current kit includes as follows-Skytec 1000 w amp,Citronic CDM4:2 USB mixer & running VDJ 7,QTX Sound Radio Mics,Definitive Audio Warrior 300W speakers,and the Peavey UL15's,my main gigs i do are generally Northern soul and Motown and i also do Karaoke with close to 87,000 tracks,i use 32" Samsung LCD for the karaoke,my lighting i got second hand and im not really sure what they are called to be honest but they include 3 lasers,and various L.
  6. Hi,just a quick one,ive been offered a pair of Peavey UL15 Bass Bins,i was just wondering if anyone as used these before and if so how do you rate them?.....thanks in advance and might i say what a brilliant site this is ;-)
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