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  1. I need a bag to carry 2x laptops,cooler,mic,headphones ,multi block mains cable etc etc.any advice would be helpfull thanks
  2. Since I switched to Denon 6000 I was using a gig a port external sound card which gave me many years trouble free, service,I was using pcdj red (old) then ,now Im using Traktor, the Denon has its own built in soundcard
  3. I bought one just after x mas 12 best bit of kit I ever bought The built in soundcard is awsome,prior to this I was using gigaport hd .Denon knocks the socks of it The only let down is the mic input.advanced beyond second or third dot on VC you get a lot of feedback 9 ( the problem with low impedance high gain mics ) I bought a shure a15as mic attenuator boys oh boys did that make a differance the VC can now be advanced to 12 o clock and the claritey is excellent I now have the complete package.My mic is a Beta 58 I hope to change to a condenser mic soon. Hope this helps
  4. My current mic is a shure beta 58.Im thinking of upgrading to either a Neumann kms105 or Shure kms9 with external [power supply.My mixer is a denon dnc6k Has anyboby tried these mic if so how good are they.Im looking for clariety of speech, with the beta it can sometimes sound boomy Looking foward to your reply
  5. Simple question should I buy qsc k12 or rcf 715 Im not concered about the price better buying good gear than giving the money to the tax man
  6. I was aguest at wedding in Tuscon Arz last summer,It was on the roof of the Hotel,baking weather (my pale Irish skin was not up for the fight )The meal ended approx 5.30.pm,by the time the place was cleared and the guests mingled it had got dark,the dj had very quietly set up didnt even notice him ,he had a nice rig,no lights, just the moon light and the gentle glow from the hotel lights .He started playing very low volume ,got the first dance out of the way,gradualy increased the volume to very acceptable level,by this time the Irish party ,much to the amusement of the American guests had dru
  7. JB THE DJ

    Tv Add Music

    Thank you for the quick reply will down load from i tune and play this Sat night
  8. JB THE DJ

    Tv Add Music

    The M&S fashion tv add features a latin rythem song, sounds like Michael Buble ,does anybody recognise the tune and if so what is it called
  9. dj micky from Ireland talks sense.Its almost a tradition in Ireland for a band to play at a wedding.They are usually steeped in c&w and old time waltzs catering for auntie jean etc.Come 10.30.pm they are usaully out the door like a bat out of hell to play at the local pub which is another tradition,so the evening was left to the dj.trust me some of those bands are not a hard act to follow,and the ones that are good ( why listen to a wannabe when the dj can play the orginal . Advice give to me many years ago by a far seeing club owner pay peanuts you get monkeys
  10. imo the dj wedding buisness is been strangled by the wedding band.as they are booked for the first part of the evening a quite word with the b&g,why bother with a dj sure we have the gear already set up,and the drummers son owns 4 cds (in their opion anyone can dj)the cute one before they made their move waited until the resident dj did his set ,they observed watched what got the floor filled and any original though the dj put into the evening they noted it and then copied.Its got to the stage where people come up to me at the end of the night and suggest ive copied a badn they heard last
  11. hi everyone , new to site looking foward to hearing from you
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