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  1. Hi, Has anyone had problems with RCA sockets shutting off the power due to their equipment (amp turned up to high, too many extensions running out of one extension block or even a smoke machine), i've always used surge protected multiway extensions but if there are no accidental cut outs with RCA's id definately prefer to have a couple at the wall sockets. let me know what you think? Cheers, Lee oops sorry for the typo - mean RCD :/
  2. Thanks Mickey, how many ground loop iscolators would i need, just one from laptop>stereoio>ground loop iscolator>mixer??
  3. Thanks diy_disco, guess mines the older one - will probably use it for now either get a couple of datamoons out here or save up for my intimidator LED 200's ;)
  4. Yeah I suspect its the Mic - everything else looked fine when I took it apart, although didnt have a multimeter to check continuety (cant spell to tired :P ). For what its worth I will just leave it on Auto mode, not really worth taking apart as I dont think id actually use a laser much at wedding functions. So will most likely give it until it packs in and get a new one ;) Thanks for your input though guys, really appreciated :)
  5. I've just ordered the Numark M101USB, figured it was worth spending a little extra and having the bonus of a couple of built in sound cards. I think it was £79 so not too bad ^^
  6. I am after a small lightweight mixer (one that I can take to events as a backup) which I can use with my laptop, so basic 2 channel, cross fader, mic and headphone socket type of thing Can anyone recommend a mixer?
  7. Hey All, I've been looking around on the net and found that the twister 4 1CE's take 250W bulbs, however the one I have seems to have 100Watt written on the sticker, does anyone know if there were 2 versions of the 1CE?
  8. Thanks for the help, I will give have a look this afternoon if I get chance and let you know. It was fine from new but its been stored (in a house in a non damp place) for about 2 years and ive recently brought it over to Cyprus with me so I can use it with my rig out here.
  9. Thanks Spinner, will order one on Monday and let you know how it goes, just wanted something stable thats been tried and tested, usually im a CD man all the way but virtual DJ just makes it sooo much easier to handle requests ;)
  10. Thanks Guys, I will give that a go, currently living in Cyprus though so might have to get the folks in the UK to prepare another emergency parcel as i'd doubt im going to find it on the "Island" :)
  11. Hi Guys, I have a pair of JBL EON 15's that I use as a spares, however the vinyl is pretty scratched and look quite tatty, I have resprayed the front Grills, so they are fine, but would appreciate any help in restoring the dirty grey vinyl back to its former glory or at least give them a bit of a fix-up =) Many Thanks
  12. HI, I'm looking to buy 2 x scanners with gobos as an addon to my current lighting rig and was wondering if anyone could either let me know if they have had any experience with the Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 200 DMX Scanners or could suggest a nice alternative (i think id prefer LED as I live in Cyprus and postage from the UK can be pretty pricey so the lighter the better) Many Thanks, Metal
  13. I have a Funky Pheonix, Green laser which has a sound to light option and an Auto show mode, the problem is the laser works fine on auto but as soon as I switch it over to sound to light it just emits a green fuzz and does not react to music or beats at all... Any ideas guys?
  14. Has anybody used a NumarkStereoIO to connect their laptop (using virtual DJ) to their mixer through the line in? I am looking for a cheap/reliable solution to connect my laptop to my mixer, and using just a straight cable from the headphone socket to the mixer seems to be giving me the unwanted HUMMMMM! I've ordered a ground loop iscolator (waiting for it to arrive) but was also wondering if I would get much more of an improvement using the Numark StereoIO? Does anyone here use a Numark StereoIO and whats your thoughts?.... Many Thanks in Advance!
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