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  1. yep as the above poster has said although their facebook fan page has suggested they are looking into making DJ lighting again, with led based! I hope so, i have a setup for Weddings of 2 twister 4s, 2 futurescans and 2 revolutions with a club 64 controller and love it!
  2. very pretty, what make and model did you buy?
  3. they are great, the only downside is the fact they use a chunky power supply separately, which is a nightmare if putting the laser on a tbar, goalpost etc
  4. they are unlikely to work together because the dmx channels will be different wont hurt to try
  5. its worth trying to get the newer models the black grilled (square ones) were discontinued 13 years ago! (hisys 2) Then they made the rounded front ones, which are Dark Bluey Grey Grilled, these were 350watts (Hisys 2) Then they changed them to 500w versions, identical to look at! (Hisys 2) then they had the Silver Fronts, which were also 500w (UL15) Now they have no carpet! Smart black wood with a grey foam grill which comes off to reveal a much nicer black Grill underneath (Ul15)
  6. i was going to say, before you added your last post! the price on technics 1210's has plummeted in the last year or so, the "street price" seems to be around the 300 mark a pair, i was lucky enough to pickup a pair with scratch needles and cases for £300 which i was very pleased with!
  7. the numark unit does seem to help reduce the dreaded hum, but doesnt solve it entirely, its still advised to pop a ground loop isolator on it before the mixer However, the sound quality should be alot nicer than just using the headphone socket, (plus the headphone sockets can wear out quite quickly) so its definately worth doing!
  8. you dont hear of it much anymore, but microphones used to go all the time! If its a round microphone, you can usually just solder a new one in this would be my first presumption, although lasers dont work that well sound to light anyway, i often leave mine on Auto mode!
  9. yes the originals were 100watts the newer versions were 250watts and look identical, apart from they have a Bright/Dim switch on the back and of course take a 250watt lamp
  10. i tend to turn my amps onto full then the gains in the middle then control the overall level by the master slider i tend to put each channel to the top when in use and adjust the volumes with the gains
  11. are you looking to fill the entire floor though? When judging my lightshow, i stand on the opposite side of the dancefloor, so i can see what the customers see!
  12. intimidation are just badged up products, so you are unlikely to find many reviews of this product, but its identical to the ones Citronic do, which i rate quite highly as Monitors. often with cash converters etc, if they have several of the same product, its usually because theyve bought a "job lot" of b grade ones direct from the manufacturer, not necessarily traded in! The local cash converter has boxes of Kam Star Clusters!
  13. i have a pair of the UL15's and i love them youve got to remember, they arent there to create gut wrenching bass, they are there to take the strain off the top cabs i have a UL115 + UL12 setup and its plenty loud enough and plenty of bass! Also these are comfortably loud enough for events with 200 people, remember you dont want the whole room rocking, just the dancefloor area (and you arent going to have 200 people dancing!)
  14. the amdj stuff is pretty good, so nothing wrong with looking there im not a fan of the led lights that dont move, the just turn the different leds on and off, looks good in smoke, but not so hot without smoke! i use a pair of amdj revo scans which i link up, they are pretty bright and just add a bit of movement and variety to the rig im all for symmetry, so i like matched pairs of kit! Then a Cluster in the middle, i use a Laser UK Black Art, which is red and green cluster, but as well as doing it cluster thing, it moves around the room also! Love it
  15. i have one of these from my local shop http://www.saveltd.co.uk/qsm-4-3-channel-d...case-2381-p.asp its ridiculously basic, but i like the fact that its got its own case, so wont be damaged after flying around the van for 12 months waiting to be used
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