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  1. Hi Thanks for the advice. Feel you might be right about being wired into some sort of control unit. Many thanks for all the replies, will seek proffessional advice.
  2. Hi It's ok, I realise it sounds crazy and it is. There is actually a 4 core wire from the scanner. One live feeds the transformer for the 6v bulb and the other live feeds the motor. As you rightly advise think its a job for an electrician. Cheers
  3. Ok untill I plug 3 in either a 4 gang socket or in 3 different wall sockets. Then they trip the mains. Cheers
  4. Hi Recently bought 8 par36 single head scanners, minus plugs. Have fitted 13amp plugs and fed the 2 live wires into the live pin on the plugs. Individually they all work fine when plugged in. However if I plug in more than 2 on my 4 gang extention it trips the mains. Have checked extension and is ok. Also if I plug one at time in my shed the head starts rotating before I switch the socket on, but the lamp doesn't light. When the socket is turned on the motor stops and the lamp illuminates. Probably something simple, like me..... lol Any advice gratefully acce
  5. A quick hello to everyone. My name is Bill and have come back to DJing after a 35 year break ! LOL Specialise in 1970 & 80's nights with appropriate equipment. Look forward to reading all the various posts. Cheers.......... :cheers: Bill www.goldspinnersmobiledisco.weebly.com
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