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  1. Hey, I have a couple of Geni Spyro lights which are rather old now but have been fine up to now. One of them has started having problems spinning its mirror wheel. You can tell when its trying to turn and it will jerk slightly is each direction. Sometimes it does it and other times it will work fine for a little while. I have opened the light up and if I spin the mirror manually there is no resistance or any dirt etc Any ideas? Ta
  2. I'll give CDPool a go, good note about looking for radio edit, im used to just looking for songs which don't have 'explicit' next to them Thanks
  3. Hi, I have a couple of songs which I need to purchase but I'm having trouble locating a 'clean' version with no swearing. The main one is Sorry for party rocking. I usually purchase from itunes which isnt the cheapest but I like it but on this occasion its let me down lol Ta
  4. Speaker are 12" Class D's, not sure of the amp of the top of my head, and also a 15" Alto Trusonic Active Sub. Had some gaffa tape and straps etc already but my problem with the length of some of the extension leads etc so I need to purchase more or lengthen them Ta
  5. Hi, Ive finally decided to take the plunge and sort doing my own disco. I've had my own bits of equipment for years and music etc but finally decided to give it a go and stop making excuses. Here is my setup at the moment, there are two led par cans but I managed to come out with the other one lol, good start! Mixture of new and preowned bits and pieces Thanks
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