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  1. Hi All I need some advice i want to change a 3 pin electrical socket on my extension lead to a IEC C14 plug so i have a long Kettle lead extension for my disco as i plan to use kettle plugs on my lights rather than use molded un-fused plugs on my lights. The main plug on the extension lead is a 13 Amp fuse would i be ok to carry on using a 13 amp or replace it with a 10amp Any advice about this would be appreciated - Thanks John http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8-way-IEC-C13-PDU-with-C14-Power-Inlet-for-DETACHABLE-LEAD-1U-19-Rackmount/191473549845?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&
  2. Hi McCardle Thank you so much for your advice and expert guidance :) I have bought me a 1500 watt amp to use with my 500w speakers as described...I should be ok with that as long as i don't peak and clip the speaker overload. your advice has made it clear and more understandable now thanks again Cheers John
  3. Hi All Firstly, Happy New Year and Hope you have had a Great Christmas. I need some advice about my speakers I am getting a little confused and was hoping for a bit of clarity: On the back of my speakers is the info: Impedance 8 Ohmns Power 150w Power Max 250w Power Peak 500w Which ones should I be using when matching up to an Amp ? I have heard that you should use an amp slightly more powerful than your speakers but which of these 3 different wattage's should i go with ? I know about Ohm's i am just getting confused withe 3 different wattage's on one product
  4. Once or Twice but never as bad as that gig
  5. Hi everyone Firstly Happy New year to you all. I,am looking for ideas on how to liven up a disco crowd. I did a 21st Last week and the crowd were very hard to please. I played music from all eras as there was lots of mixed aged people and the playlist i received from the client was easy enough to get through and handled all requests ok too. The crowd seemed to only want to sit and stare and drink and dance one or two times. Kind Regards John :thanks:
  6. Hi Guys Just reading some of the above posts got me remembering my first ever wedding and even though I tried my very best no matter what I did was wrong. Apparently before i arrived to set up a small fight had took place and a table had been smashed so the atmosphere was very heavy once i arrived and you could really sense it. The bride marched up to the stage and demanded to hear songs from the scissor sisters and Bon Jovi and she asked if i had the playlist she previously emailed me a few weeks before hand. I kid you not there was 19 pages of this playlist there must have been 50 so
  7. Sorry, Superstardeejay i ain't much good with Tech chat stuff... I am using a 17" PC monitor with a VGA cable that connects to my laptop. My CDG player is seperate so I can play CDG discs if needed this means i have to pull out the VGA lead out of my laptop and attach it to the CDG Player which will result in faults eventually and it doesn't seem professional enough for my liking. I have a mate who has a xbox and bought a switch box so he can switch between his PC and xbox at the click of a button. I was hoping there's something similar out there that will let me do that without the
  8. Hi All I bought 3 or 4 of those deep 12 Litre storage boxes from Wilkinson's and B & Q they have click down lids. However i don't have the luxury of a Shed or Garage so storage is a problem for me so I have to make use of my Attic space it can be the coldest place in the house once the Temp drops so fingers crossed my kit will ok
  9. Hi Guys Hope you are all ok and still keeping busy..I have only been doing Disco's Lately but now the party seasons on us i have been asked to host a Disco and Karaoke event. I am using a CDG Player and also my Laptop via an external PC monitor for karaoke. I want to make my life more simple by being able to switch over from CDG player to laptop and vice versa. Is it possible to buy a device similar to a AV Switch box which will allow me to connect a VGA cable from my external monitor (screen the singer uses) then allow me to connect my Laptop to and CDG player and flick over a
  10. Hi All it's Annoying little me again:) I need some advice ASAP as I may have gone over my head and I am throwing caution to the wind and need some genuine advice about Karaoke set up. Ok I got a mobile disco...all is going great and I love it..I want to bring in Karaoke..I have now purchased PCDJ Karaoke and I have been advised to forget it and buy a Twin CDG player . Is there any recommendations you can make Thanks Guys Keep up the great work Regards John Tulley
  11. Hi My names John I have a Disco / Karaoke and I am available to hire in Leicester Area only. I am only doing small to medium sized venues untill I can get bigger speakers (well we all have to start somewhere). I have plenty of experiance and Love Karaoke Disco's. Sound to light units Laser Light & Smoke Machine (lemon flavour :)) over 3,000 CDGS All songs catalogued Request slips on screen lyrics You request it ...I proberbly got it Music between singers or just Disco if you prefer Music from 40's & 50's ,60's ,70's 80's & 90's right up to the Present d
  12. Hi Craig ...Thanks for your advice ..it was spot-on Buddy :) I have added two plug-ins using win-amp and its sorted out all my issues and I can recommend it highly. I added the CDG Plug in and Cross fader DJ its definatly a win win :) Thanks again all Cheers John x
  13. Hi djmick Thanks for your advice, I am only just starting out and have not done any shows but I am working at building myself up to a much better self standard. When i am hosting a Karaoke night at home with family and friends i have been playing MP3 music though my Laptop (Aux) through my Amp I then flick over to My Karaoke player when I have set up the CDG ready for the next singer. The problem I have is I can't fade out the track as I don't have an IPOD or Karaoke software such as KaraokePCDJ and the crossfader after each MP3 track doesen't have the desired effect Ideally i nee
  14. Hi Everyone I need some advice on what software to use on my lap top to play music in between karaoke singers. I can't afford KaraokeDJ software just yet (maybe at a later date). I am currently using Virtual music MP3 Manager by ejay.com and the only thing i love about the programme is the Enqueue and crossfader and would like something that will also allow me to fade out music ready for me to kick start off a karaoke singer and random shuffle MP3 tracks. I have tried Apple media Player but found some music tracks wouldn't play and found it quite frustrating at the best of times
  15. Hi McCardle Thanks for your Fantastic and indepth feedback to my question you certainly answered my question. I am not wanting to set up in a too large Hall. 50 to 80 people would do me fine to be honest...I am only doing this as a hobby and if a friend wants me to do any parties or occassions i would like to say yes anything more would be a bonus. Hifi tower is where i got the speakers from on ebay so it look like i will be trying there for my Amp Thanks again Kindest Regards John
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