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  1. Hi Rick :welcome: Thanks for getting me off the NEWBIE spot! I think we are in good company here, got a problem sorted super quick, so everyone here is happy to help. Good Luck Frank
  2. Craig :Thumbup: Excellent, had my first 'gig' with 6 speakers at an outdoor Dog Show on Easter Sunday and just set the taps at 3 crossed my fingers and run away, had visions of melting speakers. Seriously, thanks, I have spent ages 'googling' and although plenty of theory on wiring just could not get the speaker settings explained. Case of McEwans with your name on it if our paths ever cross. :cheers: Frank
  3. Hi Craig Thanks, have had a look at the link. This is one of many I looked through before posting. I have no problem with the actual wiring of the speakers but in the settings at the rear. As I understand it, 8 x 15w is the maximum number of speakers for use on a 120w system and depending on the actual number of speakers used the 'tap switch' is set between 1 and 5, it is this setting I am having problems finding. Regards Frank
  4. Hi Everyone Although not really a piece of DJ equipment I am hoping someone will be able to help with advice on the connection of 100v Horn Speakers. I have recently purchased a 4 channel, 120W powered mixer and 8 weatherproof high output horn speakers (15w speakers). The full spec can be seen here: Full Spec I will attach photo of the rear of the speakers below. The problem I have is I have no clue as to what the 'tap' settings on the rear of the speakers should be! I have no problem with the setting up of the amp and proper wiring of the speakers. So, if anyon
  5. Hi all Worry not those established in Central Scotland - no way will I ever be confused for a DJ. I have been in the 'entertainment business' for a couple of years, starting with Bouncy Castles and as a fair few of you will probably know the weather here dictates the business not to mention the short 6 month season. In common with most bouncy castle operators an additional stream of income is required and this is what brought me in to the realms of music. I also run a fairly successful Race Night business as well as more recently Outdoor PA System (for FĂȘtes, Gala Days etc). As I r
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