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  1. Hi all , just looking for a small hazer for dance floors 10m x 10m , would like just enough so I can see the beams without annoying people ... Any recommendations would be appreciated.


    Haze scent ??? Is it dangerous / related to cancer or has times changed , are there any safes ones out there ??

  2. interesting , for someone thats keeps his eye on a db limiter every week im suprised ive never really looked at db readings on speakers, .... now then .. the 515xt have a 132db rating but only 625 rms ,... so does this make it louder than the 700rms 129db rcf ? , jeeez , and they say football is a funny ole game haha . is it just sound quallity you dont like on the jbl ? or have you heard any other horror stories as i thought jbl would be very reliable, if so i suppose im best to go and give them a listen and see what i think . cheers j

  3. Hi all , I got some alto ts115a speakers last year and as good as they are they are just not powerful enough for me ? For some reason I am alway clipping them , and when the sounds starts to fade on them it takes forever to get the sound back to the stage where you basically need to turn them off ?? ( any advice on that would be nice too:) I would like just a little more power and have a grand for a new pair of actives , 15" ones for the times I leave the boom box at home but still have a bit oomph. I was told to get jbl eon 515xt but have read some bad bad reviews from djs ??? Any advice would be appreciated

  4. Cheers for the advice and help , will give the settings a go, cheers j


    shove the channel faders all the way up if you want, adjust the channel gains so the channel PFL meters are tickling red, then adjust the master to taste, avoiding the red on the master VU.

    Bear in mind the DJM600 also has a rear attenuator after the master fader, if in doubt, turn this all the way up for maximum leeway on the master.

    Worst thing you can do is have the speaker gains too low and then try and 'force' level through by over-driving the mixer. Normally a powered speaker will have a centre detent on the gain to indicate 0dB.


  5. cheers fester , i should of said i had it at the half way position 0db to start with, its when it started its muffled sound that i turned it down.

    should the mixer master be high with the channel volume sliders low or should the mixer master be low with the channel volumes high for best results



    I don't think your speakers are set high enough.

    Your speakers should be set to 0db. Most active speakers have a 0db level on the "power" (gain) control but the alto doesn't seem to have that marking as far as I can see. I'm going to take an educated guess that it's at the 12 o'clock / 50% mark.

    If you run your speakers too low you have to shove in more signal from your mixer to achieve the desired volume. If the signal to the speakers is too hot you are likely overdriving the speakers amps which leads to clipping and overheating. You turn down the speakers, they cool down and start working again.

    By turning up the gain on the speakers you don't have to put in as much signal to achieve the volume and the speakers actually run more efficiently and cooler.


  6. Cables are good , got 4 year warranty with dv247 so should be ok for a return .cheers for help.


    It scared me that much I'm gonna get rid of the 15" bass bin and get a spare speaker instead (what i can fit in car reasons) , never want to go through that feeling again ....gut wrenching.


    Can I ask u what setting do you have your gear on ? Ie speaker volume knob on back , master on djm600 mixer and volume slider. Should the volume knob on back of speaker be as low as you can get away with ? Right now my speakers are on quarter strength ,master on mixer at no1 ( of 10 ) and Channel sliders full way up .


    Cheers again . Jason



    I'd check this out if you can. As you know the two speakers are entirely independent units and the odds for both to fail, with the same fault, at exactly the same time must be huge :D , so I would think that its probably just one speaker which has the fault, and its just room acoustics which makes it sound like its both.


    Are you using reasonable quality, screened cables to connect the speakers from the Mixer?


    I believe that each of these speakers have two individual internal amplifiers, one of them drives the LF driver (Bass) the other smaller one, drives the HF (Treble) driver, I suspect that the problem either lies with a dry joint on the HF amplifier circuit board, or more likely a component overheating, given your description.


    Are the speakers still under warranty?.


  7. ... you know its hard to tell , it defo sound like it but maybe it just happening to one sounds like its both when your behind the speakers ? ..... can it happen to both if its defo not the mixer or cd players as i changed both and it still happens , cheers j



    This happens on both L & R speakers at the same time?


  8. hi all , i have a couple of 15" 800w active alto speakers , the last 2 discos i have done have had the same problem... after an hour into the gig the speakers suddenly lose all treble and sound muffled and horrible, if you turn it down the good sound comes back again after about 20 seconds, i only have the speaker knob on back at 25% power so im not blasting them..... scares me every time. any ideas what it could be ? cheers for any help , jason

  9. Hi all, got my 2 actives speakers running from my active bass bin outs xlrs....what volume level should all 3 be at using the volume button on the back of each one, ie should the bass bin be at full volume and the speakers half way, or should bass bin be half way and speakers be at full volume, or should all 3 be full volume and just control from mixer ? Cheers for any help

  10. Hi all, just got a djm600 wirh euro 2 prong type plug on it, I have cut this plug off and stuck a uk plug on, it works fine but it has no earth wire yellow/green on the cable, so the plug just has the blue and brown wires wired up..........it might be working ok bur I would like to know if this is saf

    e to use like this?? Cheers for any help

  11. Thanks for that, where is best place to buy a decent protector then, had a look on eBay but just cheapos on there,"......... One more question. :). I have the 2 ts115 active speakers and I have only room for 1 boom box in the back of my civic.... Should I buy the alto 15" active or should I spend an extra 100 pound on the 18" active...will it make much of a difference ? Cheers again jas

  12. sorry my mistake the speakers are only 800w max , the rms on the speakers are 400w and the rms on the bass bin is 600w ( alto ts115a and 15inch active subwoofer) . so am i right in saying 400 + 400 + 600 = 1400 dived by 240 = 5.83 ........... so i can use the 3 of them in one 13amp socket and probably fit my mixer ,decks and radio mic in there as well ?

  13. cheers for that,so i need to keep my lights on one socket as long as its not over 13amps and 1 for speakers, mixer/decksand radio mic and 1 for the bass bin so i need at least 3 wall plugs , should be fun in some places, better get a few 25metre reels and a bucket full of duck tape, cheers for help guys.

  14. thanks for that, if the lights went out due to a bulb blowing would it be the fuse in the power bar/gangway extension or a trip in the venues fuse box ? also would i be able to plug my 2 x 1000w max power active speakers and 1200w max active bass box into one socket ? or do most djs split the gear into 3 or 4 sockets, cheers jas


  15. been adviced by a pro dj friend of mine....naming no names :) that i should get a conditioner/power surge protector for all my delicate gear...... my question (s) is do you really need one doing pubs and clubs? has anyone ever had equipment fail due to not having one ? would a 6 or 8 gangway with protection do the job? my thinking is his gear is worth 10s of thousands of pounds and a lot larger than my little numark/american dj outfit :) any help appreciated

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