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  1. There ae a few hazers out there that should do the job for you, an 800W unit would probably be adequate for the size floor you are looking at. If you can fix it a bit below the lights and ideally a bit behind them it will be the best effect. Most hazers blow at about a 45deg angle and once you've got some haze into the room you'll be able to keep it topped up and the effect going by mounting as suggested. Le Maitre and others publish the COSHH data on their fluids and there are even some out there that are 'good' for asthmatics, we typically only use le Maitre fluid but I suspect most ar
  2. I hope I'm not too late but have a few suggestions that may be helpful. Don't put the monitor behind you, have it in front facing you. That way it won't be firing straight into the mics and you will hear it better than if it's behind you. As you are a Karaoke DJ the chances are you'll be trying to adjust the mix for singers, this is quite an art with inexperienced singers such as you'll be getting at a karaoke, you'll be fighting feedback if you haven't got it just right, put the monitor in front of the singers not just you unless they are in front of the main speakers. This (if you
  3. We have now taken delivery of our new mobile stage truck to augment our trailer. Once it is sign-written will be looking for extra bookings to keep it fully occupied. It can come fully rigged with PA and lighting according to your needs or as a bare stage for your kit. It is ideal for those outside pub gigs etc. where there may be bands as well, or for those horrible 'outside the store' promotional gigs where you pray for good weather, we can provide a full service or you can even sub let space. We are based near the Humber Bridge and if you mention you saw this on the forum I'll person
  4. Goodprint every time now, Keely are also good but can't match the Goodprint ones when on offer. Make sure you design your own and do not use a stock one.
  5. John, I'm pleased you found the advice useful and that you are considering an overall upgrade. If I am right in assuming that you are DJing to make some extra money may I make a few further suggestions. These are based on our experience with new DJs and will hopefully help save you from losing money or spending more than you need. Investment in equipment is significant, especially if you want to be able to cope with most of the gigs that come your way. If you are starting out I would guess you may not have a lot of gigs in the pipeline so your expenditure will be based on pros
  6. First let me congratulate McCardle on his response, it's nice to see constructive advice to a novice asking for help rather than the stuff that often gets spewed out. I am not familiar with any of your equipment so can only speak in generalities but there are some things you really need to think about before shelling out your hard earned cash. For every 3dB extra you get from your speakers you have to throw double the power at them. So going from 100W to 200W will give you a 3dB increase in output. This is an increase that most people will describe as 'a bit louder' 270W will not g
  7. We received our second and third NU6000s and soak tested them for about 6 hours before using them for their first live gig. First impressions were that they weren't as punchy as the original one, but this may have been a result of their being run through a sense limiter which capped output at 2KW per amp channel peak. We did not run the main feed through a compressor (we would normally have in this situation), compression was only used for the mics as I wanted to hear the Berrys in 'real life' rather than through a load of gismos. They were used bi-amped vertically (one channel
  8. As ever I agree with all your points, but the acceptance of the back order was on the basis that delivery would be on the 11th, tomorrow, not May, and the understanding they would keep me informed. I shall needless to say be cancelling the order and will never do business with them again as they have completely lost my trust. They talk a good story but it's a case of all mouth and no trousers. I agree it is not beneficial to discuss their finances etc. in a public forum.
  9. We're both slightly incorrect, the first year warranty would apply through the dealer and ther would be Behringer as a back up, the Behringer 3 year extended warranty would not apply through a non authorised dealer. It is also very arguable if you would be able to enforce any sale of goods warranty with the likes of Amazon etc. since you have to provide engineers reports after 6 months (which would cost) once this situation arose and would probably have to take them to court if you could afford it after the engineers report establishing beyond reasonable doubt that the fault was not yours. V
  10. No, fortunately they are ethical enough not to take money until goods are dispatched and as you say there is no contract. I agree that the problem may in part be Behringer, but that is still no excuse for still having them on their web site with delivery for 14th Feb, for not keeping me informed as I am sure they sill know what is coming before it arrives, and for initially claiming something not in stock, was. I shall take your suggestion and contact Behringer. I have to say however before placing the original order with G4M I had concerns about them after looking at their comp
  11. We bought one of these for testing in December (and have subsequently ordered another two which should tell you something). In brief if you're looking for a lightweight amp with a bit of power these are great except they are a bit lacking in the top area. They are good for Subs and Mids but not so hot for full range or tops. In our tests they have cut out running into 4ohms at sustained high loads but this was under test conditions with pink noise so not really typical of gig conditions. They run quite cool in general though. Our conclusion is that they are fine for use in bi or t
  12. Balanced leads have hot, cold and screen, Tip, Ring and Sleeve respectively on a 'stereo' jack (TRS) and Pin 2, Pin 3 and screen/shell. There is no connection between ground and either of the signal wires. This has to start with the originating equipment and be carried on as far as the balanced signal can go, through each additional piece of equipment. The balanced principle works by having a pair of out of phase signals on the hot and cold which means that any picked up interference will be neutralised by having equal and opposite signals on the two conductors. It will not get rid of
  13. We have one of these amps and it has been great for the past 4 years but has now died. Its a 4 x 250W 1U digital amp made needless to say by TOA and we used it for stage monitors. One reason for buying it was that it was described as having four discreet channels where if one channel died the remainder were unaffected.....however.... It was working fine but this time when we turned it on the power light came on but nothing else. We've checked the internal fuses but cannot get circuit diagrams or find anyone except TOA who know anything about it and their quote to even look at it is
  14. Gear4Music accepted my order for 2 NU6000 amps on the 25th of January, I paid for delivery on a specific date, the 1st of February, they were shown as in stock. On the 1st of Feb they failed to arrive so I contacted them, they said they were not in stock but had been shown as such on the basis of an expected delivery. They gave me a revised delivery date of the 11th of February and offered to give me a £20 discount and free shipping. They also promised to inform me if the delivery date changed (as they had on the original order). Yesterday - Saturday the 9th Feb - the delivery date
  15. One of the most common problems we come across with noise is caused by the switch mode power supplies so often used with lap tops as well as computers in general and sometimes big time with iPads. Depending on the PC this can be really intrusive. It sounds a bit like a whispering and will often increase when the PC is under load. If you are using a laptop or other battery device and the noise disappears when you unplug the PSU you know what it is. Sometimes you get a 'beat' frequency between two switch mode PSUs supplying different pieces of equipment. This can sometimes appear at
  16. We use rack mounted servers for all but the smallest gigs, when doing video we normally use 2U units as they will accommodate a decent graphics card. Why? Multiple physical processors (at least 2 four core units) and fault tolerant memory, Raid array disks, dual redundant PSUs and pretty much everything hot swappable. Plus they're fast! You can also pick them up quite cheaply if you go for previous generation. If something does go pop it'll not normally stop you working. We carry laptops for backup but (touch wood) have never had to use one. Rack mounted server in a wheeled
  17. A few points worth mentioning here, some pretty pedantic but when discussing technical matters it is often best to ensure that everyone is using the correct terminology to avoid misunderstandings. 1) Adding an extra pair of speakers with the same sensitivity as the originals will give you an additional 3dB before considering the extra power the amp will be able to deliver, so you would expect an additional 6dB at 1M from the speakers if all else remains the same (the amp delivering twice the power through the paralleled load of the additional speakers) 2) There are a lot of misunders
  18. You may find what I've written here http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=118&st=105 useful. There are a lot of misunderstandings around sound and loud, some of which are demonstrated in replies in this topic, I've tried to give a few guidelines in my other post.
  19. Interesting topic. The link provides access to a very basic, but cheap, entry into colour animation. My guess however is that you won't be happy for long with a laser like this. The blue is at 405nM which is almost UV and not very visible. You should always look for blue in the 450nM area. The ability to use ILDA shows is useful, but since you are downloading it onto a card rather than using an ILDA interface means you won't be able to set dead zones or have much flexibility during an event. With a laser of this power there is no real issue as it's unlikely to cause any harm
  20. When thinking about speakers and amplifiers the first thing to do is establish what you want. This may sound silly but many purchases are driven by completely the wrong factors. Typically I hear things like 'my mate's got a 1500W amp and and his sounds good so I want at least 1500W.' 'I've heard these great speakers at xxxx they really thump, so I want those' As with most things in life there are no simple answers but there ARE some simple questions and things to remember that will help stop you going completely wrong. Learn to understand at least the basics of specific
  21. Like everyone else I hate the things but sometimes we have to work with them. We have a decent sound level meter to check the setting is accurate and compressor limiters that we can set up well in advance. We use pink noise (6dB crest) and the equaliser to sweep frequencies and see if it has a 'sweet' spot - or more like a horrid spot - some do and we then equalise it down. We then set the DJ volumes to the max, ramp up on the amp(s) using pink noise until it is about to trip, back off a bit on the limiter and turn up the compression, then try sine wave sweeps and a few bass kicks
  22. Think I can possibly beat that, did an engagement, wedding and divorce party then another engagement for one couple (well just the guy for the last two) all in 9 months. Once the divorce comes through have been promised the wedding lol. Would have thought after all that he'd have chosen someone else - just in case. Best set of repeat business I've had from a private customer.
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