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  1. please dont tell me this is the wrong amplifier because i couldnt find a one with 250rms. this is a qsc smx 1450 rated at 280rms 8 ohms ? seems to be a decent amp as well
  2. just check the spec of my olds speakers there where rated at 300w rms not 400 lol on the look out for a 250-300w rms 8ohm amp now for under 200quid hopefully
  3. i have blown a few speaker drivers in the past, these where driving by less watts then the rms but now i wish i never sold mine in the first place to buy these lol am not looking forward to testing these out now lol so looks like buying another amp or put the speakers up on gumtree and lose a few quid and another option is to but another set of drivers to replace them like i have done in the past with cheaper make of model rated at 350rms 700w, these did last with the same amp like you says am best of selling and buying a better pair of speakers something like mackies,jbl's etc
  4. am going to hire a room out for 4 hours and do a sound test, hopefully everything will run well and sound good if not then :wall: lol
  5. am going to hire a room out for 4 hours and do a sound test, hopefully everything will run well and sound good if not then :wall: lol
  6. Maybe i should off put the post up before buying but for the price i bought them at i couldn't refuse. however i did run the amp at half and left the mixer lights in the green and all sounded good for the half hour test, but like you says they could sound terrible and damage half-way through a gig. I thought i would of been ok if they could handle up to 1000watts like the company states: the EUROLIVE B215XL has proportions we can all agree upon. These loudspeakers pack a clean, punchy wallop (and can handle up to 1000 Watts). I looked on reviews some say they can some not. they do ha
  7. Hi, I have just bought a new pair of speakers off topic from the last post about the kam and peavey ones, i have bought a pair of behringer eurolive b215xl's from new and are rated @ 250 rms-1000w peak @ 8ohms i am running them off a numark dimension 4 amp rated 412w rms @ 8 ohms, would i be ok to run these speakers off this amp? i was using is on 2 behringer eurolive b2015's rated at 400rms-800w peak 8ohm and has never let me down over the years until i sold them a few weeks back to buy the others because the b2015's where far to heavy so i went for the lighter option. so would i be
  8. thanks for the list of songs :Thumbup: i ended up downloading an album called The Complete Halloween Party Album, so am just going to mix and match these with some chart stuff :) hopefully the night will go well and no complaints lol thriller and ghostbusters will go down well and the time warp but don't know and the wrest lol, longs there is plenty of lighting and loud music the kids will be happy :yes:
  9. Can any one help me out on a track list for a kids halloween party?, this is my first, I don't really know what to play, I have a couple in mind but i am needing something to last around 3 hours. I will mix it up with chart stuff but just don't on the spooky side of thing lol
  10. think i will knock out a few 70's or even 80's tracks, i will have a word with the woman who is organising it. couple of songs requests before hand. yea hopefully go's well again as i have done a few at the same place before but wanted a change in music cheers
  11. I have a family and friends fancy dress party coming up in a few weeks, What would you recommend for kids games such as musical bumps/statues ect. i have a couple in mind such as zorbas dance maybes lol but what go's down well with the kids?
  12. see i like the look of the kams but it's not all about looks, its what's inside that counts haha . i think the peaveys will last longer and repair replacements will be much easier to get a hold of, that hits the nail on the head, peavey it is then
  13. thanks for the info, :) i didn't know that about the SPL, in future i will look this up when buying a new set of speakers. Kams SPL 96db Peavey SPL 98db so not much of a difference, the price new for both, kams are at £370 new and the peaveys £300. both pairs are at £150 each on gumtree local, these will only be bought for back up the peaveys i seen seem to be in better condition, bought from new and only used twice so the guy says and the others are about 4 year old and the guy says he's used them about 5 times on a 2x 400w amp the only reason i will buy the kams wi
  14. Hi, I was looking at a pair of KAM EXTREME 15'S and a pair of PEAVEY PRO 15'S both second hand around the same price, The kams are rated at: 350w rms 700w peak 8ohms, the peaveys 300w rms 600w program 1200w peak 4ohms. My amp is rated at: 410w rms 8ohms, 660w rms 4ohms hooked up parallel What set of speakers would be best to run this amp from? The kams would be perfect and the peaveys would have more of a kick due to more watts?
  15. this seems like the best option but how ever i have now taking the earth out plug, i did have a word with my friend whos an electrician and he says it will be fine so am trusting him but how ever i will order one of these off ebay just to be on the safe side :yes:
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