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  1. Following on from the above, my advice would be if you can afford to say no, then say no to any wedding party where you will not have direct contact with the end user. It's a recipe for disaster. If it's through an agency, may the Lord have mercy on you. In my experience, the attention to detail you can expect from an average agency is dire and wholly inappropriate for providing a decent service for what is arguably one of the most important events. Some of my experiences and those of friends of mine: 1) Agency tells DJ that the function they want covered is in a particular room, whic
  2. Been a while since I last visited. However, a chat with a mate the other night who is still DJing. It really sparked my interest to pass on a few tips. The age old problem of people who haggle, particularly for weddings, is a challenging conversation to have. Suffice to say I know other people providing services that one would say are crucial to a wedding have similar issues. One of my close relatives was a florist for years. I think it's safe to say that most people don't possess the dexterity to be able to make the sort of things florists do. You'd also think bride's bouquet and things
  3. Plonkers! It sounds similar to an issue my Grandfather had with TV Licensing in the early 2000s. My Grandfather had completed all the relevant paperwork for getting a free TV Licence (he was well over 75 in the early 2000s) and this had been sorted out for about 4 years before he started receiving threatening letters about non-payment. He contacted them by telephone no less than 4 times and was assured that it had been an administrative error and records would be amended accordingly. It's worrying.
  4. I've got an American DJ LED light, which I think has been replaced by the jewel LED in the current range (one of the cheaper models because it was only an additional extra ) and I've seen some of their more expensive ones in local clubs. I'd take a look at their range. Quite a lot of the UK websites sell them. The one I have is sound to light activated. One of the American DJ LED lights that I've seen recently that I really like the look of is the Gobo Motion LED. I like gobos anyway and I think it looks more interesting than what I've been seeing a lot of recently. I gather that it isn't
  5. I've worked with singers who used condenser mics for performance but I've not used one at a gig. I have tried some out though and know they're used in recording studios a lot. It sounds as though you have the external power that I understand a lot of these mics need if you use them at gigs - "phantom power" sources. I've recently tried out the Sennheiser e865, which is a condenser microphone that looks more like a dynamic mic (I think it's trying the best of both worlds) and I was impressed. I used a shure beta 58 and found it a bit heavy on the bass too so I know where you're coming
  6. ^^That best man sounded as obnoxious as one that I dealt with a few years ago who ended up getting asked to leave because he was upsetting pretty much everybody. There were casino tables in another room on that occasion and quite a lot of people went to investigate them after the first dance, which was what the bride & groom wanted. I was left with a few guests who had children in the room I was based in and so I started catering for them, which was well received. However, the best man (who was rather intoxicated) was patrolling and came up to me to 'remind' me that it was a wedding p
  7. Ha! That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I expect it is popular in certain regions as McCardle suggested but it's not something I can imagine being amongst the 'up to date chart stuff mate' choices that you'd go for at a usual gig.
  8. Hi all. I was reading something on another forum I contribute to earlier where somebody had posted a comment saying that we were in the age of dubstep at the moment. I was wondering what people's thoughts are on this one. In my opinion, dubstep (or at least something sounding quite close to it) was around in the early 2000s and perhaps even earlier. Dave Pearce said that garage was starting to make a comeback on his Radio 2 show a few weeks ago and that got me thinking about that movement too. I think garage took off a bit more in the mainstream charts than dubstep has at this p
  9. That is definitely a top tune and it's so underplayed these days. I haven't played that at a gig in years. I like the song so much it's even on my personal MP3 player. Talking of another often forgotten tune, which I hear was a good floor filler at the time, I got a great reaction when I played 'Think I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You' by The Dooleys at a few gigs last year. I wonder if that might re-enter a few people's minds again shortly with the upcoming performances on Top of the Pops 1977 on BBC 4. There are so many better tracks from the late 70s/early 80s that I wish were as
  10. I used to do gigs like that a lot. They were always a laugh but I did see some pretty awful acts too! I've yet to meet an individual singer/tribute act that doesn't use Minidisc. Having just written that, the last one I worked with was using a laptop. Re HiFi-Tower's point about Sony adding pesky rights management blocks when transferring files, I think you're right about it hastening the downfall. Gosh it was annoying! With my last MD player, you had to use the software provided to transfer stuff from the PC to a Minidisc. That was ok to a point. However, you couldn't transfer files
  11. I'm not overly fussed on Robbie and indeed the album that it comes from. However, his version of 'Bojangles' is the lesser of the evils for me, which was why I mentioned it. I'm really not keen on the version of 'Beyond the Sea' from that album. Robbie actually copied a live version of Sammy Davis Junior's virtually note for note. Sammy does it better admittedly! I like the arrangement of that version in particular.
  12. I had a fire related one myself. Back in the day when people could smoke indoors, some numpty decided to put their cigarette but into a bin inside the venue! The darn thing set the bin liner on fire and caused the fire alarms to go off. Everybody had to vacate for the fire to be located, put out and the building to be checked. Fortunately nothing was damaged but this happened in the middle of January and it was freezing outside.y As per usual quite a lot of people weren't exactly best dressed for January! I got talking to some guy who said, "oh you've got to play 'Disco Inferno' when we g
  13. Hey Hellbound1972 I've just posted on your funny story thread about this darn track! Yes, wasn't it spooky that I'd mentioned it on the forum a few days before what happened at your gig? I bet you'll never want to hear of it again!
  14. Fester's right - it got to #6 in the UK charts in 1974 and in my experience, quite a few people believe John Holt's version to be the original. The song's writer, Kris 'Whistler from Blade' Kristofferson, was I believe the first to record a version of it though I'm not sure if his version was the first to be released. The differences in what us DJs carry and play/don't play never ceases to amaze me. Holt's 'Help Me Make It Thru' The Night' is a track I'd always try and play if I was asked for reggae. It tends to appear on a lot of commercial reggae compilations and often alongside the oth
  15. I expect you'll also start noticing one or two 'regulars' who nearly always request the same track when they come and speak to you as well, which doesn't help in some respects! All you can do is try your best to mix things up. Unfortunately there are some people who are convinced that every dance song sounds the same (admittedly some stuff sounds generic) and it looks as though the sort of music you are playing or being asked for falls within the dance genre and its sub-genres. One of my top tips (and I bet you're doing this already) is try to jot down what you play during a night
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