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  1. Mini-discs are such a fun format - it's a shame they never really took off commercially. If I remember correctly, Sony hastened the downfall when they added lots of pesky rights management blocks when transferring files. There are still a few Mini-disc players and recorders still kicking around these days. Many musicians still use them, especially for live recording. The format is very portable and easy to reuse again and again.
  2. Hi everyone! Here's a quick introduction to let you know I've joined the forum, and wanted to say hi! I work with an online shop called www.HiFi-Tower.co.uk.. We've been selling discount PA, DJ, and lighting equipment in the UK since 2007. This is not meant to be an advertising post - but I thought it'd be rude to jump into the forum and not make a proper introduction. :) Anyways, pleased to make your acquaintance! :)
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