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  1. Hi I use two datamoons which still make a fantastic show. The problem I have is that the colour is now missing from one of the gobos, and I get two different colours (one orangy, one pink) when selecting one gobo. Is it possible to replace the colour filters and if so what with??? All help gratefully received!!
  2. Thanks for the advice. The end of the filament light bulb is indeed nigh, but at some point i would guess they may make replacements using LEDs (hopefully), if not someone should look into it!!! I also hope that at some point they replace the A1/259 projector bulbs with an LED version. The extra cost for these would be offset by the life of the bulbs.
  3. Just thought i'd give my opinion on these reletively cheap scanners. For those of you who aren't familiar with this light, it is a dual mirror LED scanner. I have read elsewhere that the LED lights don't hold up on brightness when compared to Halogen lamped fitments, but this is not the case with this light. It has a total of 128 LEDs and produces sharp and bright images, which if anything can overpower my old stalwart Datamoon. A plethora of patterns can be produced along with letters, so i guess in theory could be set to peoples initials, etc. It can run in automatic (sound to light)
  4. Hi all. I am about to build some new light boxes (i know, you either love em or hate em) for the front of my rig. Always used a black cloth but after looking at some recent photos it needs something to lift the front as most of the light comes from the top. I am proposing using some 25w harlequin bulbs (which CPC have on offer at the mo) and gonna make them approx 1'x3' with a UV name board in between (i know a bit old hat!!!!, but i like it!!). Chipboard/Ply or MDF?? I am also gonna use Elvcon's rather than the older Bulgins. I have built some in the past but that was many years
  5. I am looking to buy a dmx controller for my mobile set up. The QTX DM-X12 seems to fit the bill well as it also has a dedicated control for a smoke machine. The smoke control is a necessity but is nice to have. Have also considered the transcension dmx operator 2. If anybody has had any experience of the QTX, would like to hear your comments, or recomendations.
  6. Hi and thanks for your welcome. I will have to look into the Pro-Dub licence as my hard drive already has around 8000 tracks on it from my personal collection, but i recently purchased a load of CD's from another DJ at a car boot which i would like to convert, around another 400 cd's!!! Look forward to asking lots of silly questions and helping out where i can also.
  7. New to the site and just want to introduce myself. Just starting out having done a few disco's for family and friends. Based in Downham Market in Norfolk. I have DJ'd in the past at a time when CD's had just about replaced vinyl!! I intend to use music from a hard drive and have purchased a cortex HDC3000 to do this. Want to start advertising but not sure where to go next and whether i need PRS licence or anything else. All help or advice always appreciated.
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