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  1. I use 'tent style' ones which are produced for each individual wedding using a laser printer.
  2. I think an option missing from the 1st poll is 'My client wants subtle lighting'. I'm finding this more and more as a choosen option (when offered). OK I'm talking about weddings only, but I find that clients don't want themselves or their guests to be blinded with flashing lights (or deafened or choked either).
  3. Get well soon Nik and hope 2009 is a good one for you smile icon
  4. You'll just have to cut down on lippy then (or hope the price drops) :joe: If you market yourself by, or compete on, price alone then there will always be someone who can match or even beat it. We are in a service industry and in many (not all) cases, quality of service and meeting the clients needs & expectations makes price less of an issue - they will pay a premium to get exactly what they want. We just have to be able to find out what it is and offer it to them.
  5. This is one of the main reasons I've stopped using them - more profit
  6. Thanks to everyone who has supported DJU during 2008. Happy Christmas :tree:
  7. It's only the one dressed as an Indian you need to watch tongue out icon
  8. I would say that for health & safety reasons you would need to stop them - landing on a rig would be more harmful than the 2 of them falling on the floor. Then you need to take into account that if they did fall into your rig then it might be the end of the party for all the others too!!
  9. Another one bites the dust tongue out icon
  10. I did read recently that Hotmail blocks 3.5billion spam emails every day - I have noticed a gradual decline in SPAM over the last month or so and even less in the last week smile icon
  11. Welcome back from your sebatical Rich smile icon
  12. Uum ..... did you replace them all for free then :joe:
  13. I agree entirely - ask a client what's more important to them - a rig, a list of equipment or people enjoying themselves. I think a lot of DJs look at things from a DJ angle rather than a clients. BTW I prefer option 2
  14. Mirage Disco - I loved it so much I bought the company!! Good read smile icon
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