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  1. Update: I've managed to pick up an ex-install Cloud mixer on eBay - should be delivered early next week, hopefully. I'm not sure of the exact model, but I can see from the photos it has the M2 output module in, which has the auto voice over section. Point taken re age etc; not being an engineer I'm not going to be mucking about with any innards - I'm happy to lose a tenner or so on postage to have a look at one and see if I think it'll do the job. If it doesn't look and sound okay then it's going straight back - I love the Distance Selling regs! Thank you again for your advice, yo
  2. Guys, thank you both... I'll keep an eye out for a Cloud mixer on Ebay; they don't seem to be going for silly money. Re the Behringer actives, they wouldn't be much use to me, but it may be that they decide to integrate the technology into a mixer range at some point. And the in-line box used with an aux send on the existing mixer is another possibility. Brilliant advice and I'm most grateful.
  3. Hi guys; I wonder if someone who knows their gear can help me on this one... I use one laptop and a mic for DJing, so have never bothered with a specialist DJ mixer. I came from a singing background and I occasionally do karaoke, so until recently I've used a Behringer 1204FX with four mic inputs and reverb, and I've just ridden the fader on the music channel while speaking. (I know sometimes the Behringers have a poor reputation for reliability, but this one has been brilliant for me for about six years.) Recently I've picked up a gig at a bowling alley where I'm required to be a bi
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